Are you ready ditch the perfectionism, comparison-itis, and information overload to create momentum in your business?

Are you willing to dream bigger, get focused, and follow through on your inspired ideas?

Do you want to embrace your entrepreneurial calling so you can make a difference and make an income doing what you love?  

Repeat after me: I can build a God-centered business.  

Imagine for a moment you’re confident in your business foundation and the value you provide for your clients.  
You’re consistently working with people you love, and on your way to creating the personal, professional, and spiritual freedom you desire.  
You wake up with a purpose: to do the most good with the gifts you’ve been given.

Life and business coaching is customized to your individual goals, needs, and leadership style.  
I’ll guide you to develop the mindset, skills, and strategies you need to succeed.  

Because when you believe it….

  • That you don’t need to have it all figured out (or know it all)  before you start.  
  • That making money with your God-given talents doesn’t have to be sleazy, but can be the ULTIMATE form of service.
  • That you have the time to invest in the things and the people (including yourself) that matter.  

You can achieve it...

  • Like getting visible so your future clients know, like, and trust you
  • Like positioning, packaging, and pricing your genius into services that sell
  • Like creating healthy boundaries and self-care for sustainable success
  • Like building a dream team and streamlining your systems so you’re fully supported to do what you do best

If you’re ready to do the heart work and the hard work to grow your business
(and change your life) for the better, then you’re ready to work 1:1 with me.  

Here’s How Coaching Transforms Your Life & Business:

We'll get started with a 2-hour Purpose & Profit Planning Party to create a compelling vision and clear path to growth
so you feel confident to make an income and an impact with God at the center.

Then, we'll meet 3 times a month (for 3 months) for our 1:1 45 minute coaching calls to grow what's working,
troubleshoot your challenges, and adjust your plan accordingly.  
I'll be your biggest supporter with email access to my brain in between sessions.    

The best part?  
Making progress towards your goals will help grow your faith, focus on what matters,
and create freedom from the things that no longer hold you back.  


2 - Hour Purpose & Profit Intensive
(9) 45 min. Coaching Sessions for personalized support and feedback
Unlimited access to me in between sessions via messaging and email
Invitation to my Private Community Support
Access to client resources (as needed) for additional self-study


The Investment is:
$2400 paid in full or
3 Monthly Payments of $800

Want to work together?
Let's chat to see if working together is the next best step for you.

I don’t have a business. Can we still work together?

This program is geared more towards the business owner whose built a foundation already of knowing her business idea, audience, and wants to take it up a notch.

Do you have a refund policy?

I’m committed to providing an excellent client experience with regular check-ins to see how coaching can best support you. Because I want you to be committed to getting results, I don’t currently offer a refund policy.

How do I find a coach that’s right for me?

I recommend that you get specific in the need/result that you’re looking for and find a trained coach that you respect to work with. Try a free discovery call to see what working with them is like. I’ll be honest if working with me is the best step for you. For more info, check out this blog post.

What can I expect from coaching?

As a client, I expect you to dream big, dig deep, and fully engage in our conversations and implementing your chosen action steps. I often describe coaching with me as one-half "inner work" (soul-searching, getting your mindset right, exploring possibilities) and one-half "outer work" (taking action, getting feedback, trying and tweaking). As a coach, you can expect for me to listen well, make connections, provide support and accountability, and challenge and empower you to become who you want to become.

After coaching, I’ve become more thoughtful about my approach to my work. I would recommend you to friends who are feeling uncertain and overwhelmed with their work or starting out with a small creative business. You were a great person to talk to about my growing business.
— Caroline Droke, Owner & Designer of Shake the Love

Want to work together?
Let's chat to see if working together is the next best step for you.