You have a big vision for your business,
and not quite sure how to make it happen.  

You sense that God is calling you to step out in faith to become a leader,
and struggling with feeling like a fraud and knowing that you have what it takes.  

To create compelling content that attracts your ideal clients AND land features on publications.
To hire your first (or next) team member or to lead a team like a boss, without being bossy.
To FINALLY launch that mentoring service, group program, or workshop you’ve dreamed of. 
To use your own experiences and expertise to be a thought leader to create change in your industry.  

All of these things are possible when have the belief, skills, and accountability to be equipped for leadership.  

Leadership is sticking to your vision and values, leaning into the fear of the unknown, and serving those who need you the most.  
As you pour into others, you’ll need someone who will guide you towards creating YOUR success.  

I’m Shi Chen,
and I believe that the mentorship magic happens when it's built on trust over time, authenticity in a safe environment, and personalized to your goals and needs. 

I combine certification as a coach, experience as an educator, and strength of a creative and connector to give you the insight, strategies, and accountability to get your ideas out of your head and into action.  

In other words, I help you to replace fear with faith, build better business connections, and take the stepping stones to become a leader in your sphere of influence.   



I understand the common pitfalls Christian women entrepreneurs face,
so this program is designed to give you the content, connections, and coaching you need to succeed.
  Together, we will build the following pillars:

If you lack clarity on the direction of your dreams, or what to do next, then we'll help you:

• Create a clear and compelling vision so you're motivated and inspired to do meaningful work.
• Set intentional goals and determine proper success measures to track your progress
• Identify your core values so you can build a brand and attract REAL ideal clients in an authentic way that's true to you

Imagine the possibilities when you unlock your creativity, potential for achieving success, and align yourself to your "why". 
The result? Meaningful and engaged work every step of the way. 

If you're struggling with visibility, articulating your expectations and needs, or creating your team/tribe, then we'll:

• Learn how to hone in on your message, build your know-like-trust factor so you can market, sell, and serve your clients with ease
• Share your tips, stories, and strategies to show up as a LEADER and get known for your expertise to get featured in publications, programs, and collaborations
• Build essential relationships to get the support you need in mentors, peers, and team members so you have the community and resources to take your professionalism to the next level. 

Don't have to go at it alone anymore.  Build an engaged tribe and access to the support and accountability you need. 
Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back. 

If you're feeling like you're too busy, overwhelmed, and can't seem to get things done, then we'll

• Decide on your important projects, tasks, and responsibilities so you're assured in knowing that your actions are aligned to reach your goals. 
• Create less stress and (finally) feel free to let go of your non-priority tasks and create a better sense of work/life balance.
• Set up routines, habits, and a flexible and structured schedule to get things done, maximize your efforts, and delegate with ease. 

Work hard, play hard.  Get things done, so you can focus on what really matters. 


Shi Chen | Leadership & Success Coach

(1) "Vision Into Action" 60 - min Goal-Setting Session
Get things started right by creating a clear vision and clear path to achieve it in your 90 day action plan. 

(2) 45 min. Coaching Sessions per month
These bi-monthly coaching sessions is where the magic happens. 
We build your leadership pillars, brainstorm ideas, evaluate what's working and not working, and keep on moving towards your goals. 

Unlimited VIP Support
Have a question or need help in-between sessions? 
You'll get a shared Asana board for additional accountability and feedback. 

Community Support
Invitation to my Facebook community, Authentic Brand Leaders, and exclusive offers for future community support offerings

Client Resources Portal
Learn more in self-study mode with access to leadership, business, and faith workbooks, tools and exercises, Masterclasses, and trainings.  Materials include:
"Vision Into Action" Goal-Setting Guide
Trello Trainings

Leading a Community Around Your Brand Masterclass

Bonus: Content Creation Portal
Plan, organize, and create your content to streamline your compelling marketing process with guest expert,
Kate Boyd, Business Coach & Mentor




Want to work together?
Let's chat to see if working together is the next best step for you.

I don’t have a business. Can we still work together?

This program is geared more towards the business owner whose built a foundation already of knowing her business idea, audience, and wants to take it up a notch. If you're still determining your business idea, the "Grow Your Tribe" intensive or "Authentic Brand Content Creation" may be a better fit for you.

Do you have a refund policy?

I’m committed to providing an excellent client experience with regular check-ins to see how coaching can best support you. Because I want you to be committed to getting results, I don’t currently offer a refund policy.

How do I find a coach that’s right for me?

I recommend that you get specific in the need/result that you’re looking for and find a trained coach that you respect to work with. Try a free discovery call to see what working with them is like. I’ll be honest if working with me is the best step for you. For more info, check out this blog post.

What can I expect from coaching?

As a client, I expect you to dream big, dig deep, and fully engage in our conversations and implementing your chosen action steps. I often describe coaching with me as one-half "inner work" (soul-searching, getting your mindset right, exploring possibilities) and one-half "outer work" (taking action, getting feedback, trying and tweaking). As a coach, you can expect for me to listen well, make connections, provide support and accountability, and challenge and empower you to become who you want to become.

After coaching, I’ve become more thoughtful about my approach to my work. I would recommend you to friends who are feeling uncertain and overwhelmed with their work or starting out with a small creative business. You were a great person to talk to about my growing business.
— Caroline Droke, Owner & Designer of Shake the Love

Want to work together?
Let's chat to see if working together is the next best step for you.