You have a big business dream, a mission to achieve, and an important message to share with the world. 

You're ready to stop day-dreaming, planning, and over-thinking, and re-planning, and ready to take action to turn your passion for coaching and creativity into something more.  The problem is, you're not sure where to start, or where to go from here.

Which direction am I headed?  Do I really have what it takes to succeed? 
How can I balance a growing business AND an intentional life?
What support, skills, and strategies do I need to get to the next level? 

If you're looking for some answers, then I'm here to help you find what will work for YOU.  In this one-month intensive, we'll tackle the two common challenges Christian women entrepreneurs face when stepping into a new phase of business (or life). 

Challenge #1: Lack of Clarity

You don't start because you don't know.  You want answers to pinpoint your greater purpose and also small and specific steps you can take to get out of your head an into action.  If you're looking for clarity, then this intensive will guide you to understand the who, what, why, and how of your business idea so you eliminate the confusion and know exactly what to do. 

Challenge #2: Lack of Confidence

You don't follow through because you're afraid.  Well, confidence comes from embracing those fears and taking action anyways.  This intensive will empower to keep things simple so you can focus on practicing what really matters.  You'll create results from consistent action with support and accountability every step of the way.  As you're equipped to try and tweak things to see what works and what doesn't, you will grow your faith, confidence, skills, and accomplishments.  


This intensive includes:

  • "Get Clarity" 90 min. Coaching Call: I'll guide you through the powerful Vision into Action process so you get clear on your God-given purpose and simple and strategic action steps to get you going! 
  • "Get Confident" 30 min. Accountability Call: After you implement your action steps, we will book a follow-up call in two weeks to check in on your progress, and tweak your plan so you can get the best results.
  • Unlimited Email Access: So you always have a coach to ask questions, get feedback, and champion for your success
  • BONUS "Vision Into Action" Workbook: an accompanying guide you can use (and re-use) whenever you need to dream, plan, and execute on your next big idea. 

The Investment for this intensive is: $499


PS: If you'd like to view a longer coaching program,  check out the 1:1 program, Equipped For Leadership