If you want to build a business without sacrificing your values, then you’re in the right place.  

Hi!  I’m Shi, and there are there are two things I believe with my whole heart.
1. Business (and life) is best when you’re authentic and stay true to your values and who you’re created to be.  

I mean, you have a big business vision and specific gifts to share with the world, let’s do it your way so it’s more fun, fulfilling and sustainable.  

2. Relationships and community will help you grow and make the entrepreneurial journey a beautiful ride.  

The lifeblood of your business comes down to the strength of the relationships you build, and I can help you be intentional with what you create.  

So if you are a creative, servant-hearted woman who wants to change the world one client at a time, then I’m the coach for you.

As a certified life and business coach, I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurial ladies clarifying their company’s mission and message, get visible to build trust with their audience, and create an incredible client experience.  My education provides me with the knowledge and skills to help you identify your life’s purpose AND execute on those big ideas.  

As a former early childhood/elementary school teacher, I know what it’s like to guide someone through the process of building foundational skills and confidence for success. Even though I shifted my focus from working with creative kids to creative entrepreneurs, my purpose remains the same: to help you build a business that you love because it starts with your calling.  

If you're ready to build a business that changes lives, then check out how to work together!

The girl behind the biz...(aka Fun Facts)

  1. I grew up in Baltimore, MD and currently live there with my husband, Joe.
  2. After college, I moved to Beijing, China and taught English to adults and kids for four years!
  3. Coffee dates are my love language. Especially with Chai Tea (Soy) Lattes!
  4. My favorite things to do for fun are books (especially anything on personal development and psychology) and play volleyball.
  5. Traveling is fun.  I've been to 9 countries and counting.  New Zealand is on my bucket list!


Before coaching, I believed that I didn’t know where to start to move forward, or have the confidence to do things that really scare me. After coaching, I believe that what I want is achievable, and I’m proud of who I am. I made scary positive steps forward, and I found clarity on the core values of who I am.
— Jessy G, Artist & Teacher, New Haven, CT