You have big dreams, but you’re quite not sure where to start.

You know in your heart that you’re meant to do some amazing things, but feel stuck in your current situation.

You’re overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities, constantly putting out fires, and trying to live up to other people's expectations.  You know you're meant to LEAD well, but just need someone who gets it to support you along your way to success. 

Well, you’re in the right place.

If you are a purpose-driven, ambitious Christian woman who wants to maximize her position of influence, then I’m the coach for you.

Hi!  I’m Shi Chen, a certified leadership & success coach. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurial ladies grow their leadership skills and grow their team so they can cultivate a greater sense of purpose and community in their workplace.  I integrate servant leadership in the modern marketplace and blend coaching that is faith-based, feminine, fun, and fulfilling. 

As a former early childhood/elementary school teacher, I know what it’s like to guide someone through the process of building foundational skills and confidence for success. Even though I shifted my focus from working with creative kids to creative entrepreneurs, my purpose remains the same, to help you:

  • to create with a purpose.
  • to be intentional with your time, gifts, and relationships.
  • to cultivate joy in the journey of your life and business.

Through my coaching programs, I walk people through my signature process to lead with clear and compelling vision and values, activate effective communication and community, and increase productivity for maximize impact.  

If you're ready to take your leadership to the next level, click below to find out how:

The girl behind the biz...(aka Fun Facts)

  1. I grew up in Baltimore, MD and currently live there with my husband, Joe.
  2. After college, I moved to Beijing, China and taught English to adults and kids for four years!
  3. Coffee dates are my love language. Especially with Chai Tea (Soy) Lattes!
  4. My favorite things to do for fun are books (especially anything on personal development and psychology) and play volleyball.
  5. Traveling is fun.  I've been to 9 countries and counting.  New Zealand is on my bucket list!

I believe in doing fun and fulfilling work, lifting others up, and enjoying the crazy journey of life and business with the people that really matter.


Before coaching, I believed that I didn’t know where to start to move forward, or have the confidence to do things that really scare me. After coaching, I believe that what I want is achievable, and I’m proud of who I am. I made scary positive steps forward, and I found clarity on the core values of who I am.
— Jessy G, Artist & Teacher, New Haven, CT