It's such an honor to work with creative, intentional, purpose-driven women in business who are stepping as as LEADERS and making an IMPACT through their life & business! 

My motivation and optimism about reaching my business goals have skyrocketed. I have also experienced a stronger sense of personal awareness about my skills and abilities that have directly translated into both personal and professional confidence. If I could only say one thing when recommending Shi, it would be that you will not find a more committed coach to helping you be your best self.
— Karri-Lynn Paul, Coach & Facilitator, Indigeness
Shi is very friendly and easy to talk to. She listens well and asks great questions — making the whole conversation relaxed and streamlined. Very knowledgeable and skilled in her work, Shi left me feeling encouraged and ready to embrace the next chapter of my business!
— Stephanie Green, Greensjoy Creative
Shi is the best! So thought provoking, patient, and sweet. My biggest takeaway was time to verbalize what I’ve been storing in my head. Writing down stuff makes all the difference, both short term and long term goals. Our time together was so productive!
— Maggie Nolan, Wedding Photographer, Living Radiant Photography
Shi was extremely generous in her time we spent together on the phone. She has a passion to help others in their entrepreneurship through God’s love. I enjoyed my time with her in learning more about my life values. I feel I walked away from my time with Shi holding onto understanding the way I look at my work and life is through beauty. Beauty in my walk with God, family, and even portraying this into my work through birth and newborn photography.
— Lindsey Archer, Newborn Photographer, Lindsey Archer Photography
I’m taking better care of myself. I’m listening to my needs better (better boundaries, how I make decisions. Coaching has affected so many things! I’m more connected with community. I’ve strengthened my faith and inviting God into the process.
— Jan D, Student, Redding, CA
Coaching has made a huge difference! She helped me see my potential, gain confidence, and get clarity around my goals. Her positive energy and contagious joy will take you to the next level.
— Qiufen C, Life Coach, Panama City, Panama
I understand my values better, have started to dream again and know how I want to go about them. Also some lies that I believed about relationships/family have been broken, which makes me live more freely.
— Tabea Näf, Beijing, China
I would totally choose you to work again in the future! For me, I have to respect how a leader treats other people in order to actually learn from that leader, and I really liked how you treated all of us and I could follow what you said. My biggest takeaway was I’ll be able to do the whole signature process on my own if I want, and even share it with others.”
— Johannah Pellascio, Beijing, China
Since working with you, I’ve gotten better with identifying actionable steps to implement plans to grow my business. I’ve benefited from your suggestions and ideas that support my ideas and intentions. You are a good listener and you ask good questions to guide your client to good answer! You are also very patient, personable and warm!
— Tracey Thompson, Life Purpose Coach, Baltimore, MD

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