What’s next for you in your life & business?  

 If the thought of starting something new is equally exciting and terrifying, then you are not alone.  

 God is leading you into a new season, and you’re not quite sure what it look likes.  

Half the battle is figuring out, What do I even want?

And other half is believing, Do I have what it takes to get there?  

Well, dear leader…

I’ll help you figure out the answers so you can get out of your own way, 

and show up and serve. 

When you have clarity of the direction for your life and business,

and the confidence to go after it wholeheartedly,  

You have the ability to….

Make empowered decisions.  Create connected relationships.  Take inspired action.  


As your coach, we’ll work together to help you trade in your uncertainty for more trust….

in God, in yourself, and in the process of transformation.  

Jenna Shriver Photography_Shi Chen Coaching 2017-94.jpg

This Coaching Intensive is designed to give you the “Clarity & Confidence” to make the most of what’s next in just 3 simple steps….

  1. Book your spot + Fill out a comprehensive questionnaire -
    This will help us know what’s most important to focus on so we can maximize our time together.  

  2. 90 min. “Clarity & Confidence” Intensive -
    This is personalized support to help you get clarity on your vision and goals, and create an action plan that’s aligned to your values.   

  3. 30 min. Accountability Call -
    We’ll set up a follow up call in 2 weeks to check in on your progress and make necessary tweaks to continue to create momentum.  


As a bonus,
you’ll receive unlimited email support for the month + “Vision into Action” workbook so you’ll have this repeatable process at your fingertips for life!


The Investment is: 

$499 or 2 Payments of $250

Let’s talk about the return on investment…

 Whenever you face a change, you have a choice: fight or flight.  

This intensive is designed to teach you to lean into the discomfort of fear and take action anyways so you can focus on making more money and more impact.  The skill of leading during ambiguity is essential for continuous growth and improvement, and will continue to serve you after our work is completed.  

But wait, there's more...

This intensive is *perfect* if you're not sure if you're ready for a long-term coaching commitment.  If you complete the intensive and decide you want even more support, accountability, and transformation in a long-term program, you'll receive a $499 credit to use toward your upgrade within 48 hours completion of the intensive.