God-centered coaching + Soulful and strategic planning +
Uplifting community =

The business retreat of your dreams.  

Life and business is busy, we get it.  

The day-to-day grind feels more like you’re being reactive to what comes up instead of being proactive and intentional about creating the life and business God desires for you.  

It can be hard to meet up with fellow business owners who share your love for Jesus when you're juggling family, health, and work.  

Deep down, you’re craving intimate and in-person connections, and a chance to getaway to work ON your business instead of just IN it.  

Now imagine yourself ….

Getting away from the hustle and getting connected with the big-picture vision of your life and business and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

Immersing yourself in a learning environment that promotes creativity, community, and rest with mentors who can give you personalized feedback and speak truth into your situation. 

Enjoying the sights and sounds on a nature walk, unwinding with your new business besties in the hot tub, and chatting about things that matter around a bonfire

The Deeply Connected Retreat is a 2-day, 2-night experience to empower the Christian entrepreneur with the content, coaching, and community to lead their business, God’s way.  


Our breakout sessions are designed to help you refocus, reconnect, and rest.

Topics include: 

Leveraging your unique strengths and weaknesses so you can lead your business, team, and clients with confidence
Dreaming and designing a purposeful life and business to tap into your true creativity
Developing a mindset of abundance, trust in God, and stewardship to pursue the Biblical definition of success
Creating your 90-day business action plan so you know exactly how to implement the changes you want without the overwhelm


Mark your calendars! 
The dates are January 5-7, 2018.

The location:  


We'll be staying in a Victorian home in Warrington, VA.  
Think: cozy bedrooms, fun amenities like hot tub, game room and theater, and space to explore in nature
Accommodations and meals are provided.  


Shi Chen is a certified coach who teaches Christian women the leadership skills to build a business with greater purpose, productivity, and profitability.  As an educator turned entrepreneur, Shi believes that you can steward your God-given gifts to multiply your influence.  Her resources for being a Christian in business have been featured on The Well Studio, She Leads Daily, and Grit & Virtue.  


Jenna is a wedding and portrait photographer of ten years and business mentor. She believes in creating a purposeful life and business that fulfills your deepest passions using your God-given gifts to serve people with excellence. Jenna serves her mentoring clients with a heart-centered approach to dig into faith and heart issues that hold them back from realizing their full potential, in turn setting them free into the abundant life and work that God created them for.

Our message to you: 

Hey Christian entrepreneur! 
We know that you have AMAZING talent. If you paired with savvy business strategies and an unshakable faith in God and yourself, then you could really make a difference for God's kingdom (that's where we come in!).  That's why we created this process for you to dream BIG, leverage your strengths, and think abundantly and strategically so you can WIN in your life and business.  The retreat experience that's full of inspiring conversations, fresh perspectives, and playful rest is icing on the cake.  

Anything's possible with God at the center.  
We're expectant that He will change the lives and businesses of 15 entrepreneurs.  Will you one of them?  

Want to join us?  
Choose your payment plan: 

14 seats left! 

Is this specifically for business owners?  

Yes!  This program is suited best for established business owners (people already working with clients) and want to grow in the next season of life and business.

Can I bring my spouse/business partner/team members? 

Absolutely!  This retreat is open to adult men and women, and we encourage you to bring along the people you work with.  It's an incredible team building experience, especially getting everyone on the same page on what's next for your company! 

How is this different than other conferences or workshops?  

 Good question!  Conferences tend to be on a BIGGER scale with lots of information and connections overload.  This retreat is design to be intimate and intention, to create a space for you to actually dream big and work out the plans for your specific business (with plenty of time to play, of course!).  This retreat is more immersive and comprehensive than a half-day workshop because we believe that actually "getting away" help you gets fresh and renewed perspective.  

Can I buy just buy a day ticket? 

At this point, day tickets are not available because we want to you to experience the whole, comprehensive program as a 2-day and 2-night retreat.  We have some really powerful breakout sessions in the evenings that will be worth engaging in!  

What kind of results and return on investment can I expect?

The honest answer?  It depends. If you come with an open mind and expectant mind, we'll help you identify what's working and what's not working in your mindset and in your business so you can continue to grow afterwards.   

Ready to join us?

14 seats left!