Your Inner Leader

Your Inner Leader influences your home, organization, business, and community.
It has big dreams for your life and a clear vision for your potential.
It hustles hard and stays humble.
It trusts your intuition, and follows your instincts.
It takes risks, accepts challenges, and learns from your mistakes.
It is a spouse, child, parent, friend, sibling, boss, employee.
Your Inner Leader is a creator of your own definition of success.
It believes you are resourceful, and okay as you are.
It recognizes the positive intention behind every action.
It listens intently, speaks up when necessary, and engages in life-giving conversations.
It extends grace to others, and especially yourself.
It is deeply grounded in gratitude and appreciates the little things.
It loves others as you loves yourself, wholeheartedly.
It is a mentor, mentoree, peer, coach, client.


Your Inner Leader is a pioneer in your sphere of influence.
It values personal development, always learning and growing.
It respects boundaries and knows when to work and when to rest.
It seeks adventure and loves to have fun.
It imagines a better world, full of empowered and equipped people.
It seeks to impact it by starting with yourself.
It knows your unique values and appreciates the unique values in others.
It ignites your passion and lives your purpose
to be authentically, confidently,
the person you were born to be.

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