We Need You to Be You

We-Need-You-to-Be-YouFor many of my clients, authenticity is a big value.  Authenticity is the means and the ends to being known and "seen" as your true self.  It is worth exploring and understanding who you are, and giving yourself the permission to be unleashed to live as yourself.  Today, we will take a look at some reasons why we need you to be you.

Why We Need You to Be You:

You were created to be YOU-nique.   See what I did there?  You are unique—meaning you have distinct skills, gifts, talents, experience and ways of thinking that are personal to you.  Your quirky sense of humor, out-of-the-box thinking, and lessons learned the hard way are all reasons for you to bring a fresh perspective, create something meaningful, and connect with others.  No one else has what you have, so own it!


Share the love.   If you are unique, this means that others are unique, too.  If you know who are you, you can be confident in your strengths, abilities, and personality.  When you are grounded in self-awareness and a humbled confidence, you can appreciate the unique giftings and abilities in other people without feeling threatened or less of yourself.  When we appreciate other people for who they are, they feel “seen” and “known” and ultimately loved, and that love will come back around for us to experience as well.

Because truth trumps lies.   When you seek to explore the core of who you are, you will battle between believe ideals of who you want to be and gremlins of limiting beliefs that hold you back from more.  Aiming to be you means seeking and believing the truth of who are you and who you were meant to be.  Truth brings incredible freedom and authenticity that is healing and inspiring.

When you are yourself, you empower others to be themselves.   Think about a mentor in your life whom you admire.  What are the characteristics they exhibited?  Was he hard-working?  Chances are he is hard-working because he valued working hard.  Were she patient?  Chances are her personality naturally lent herself to be patient.  Whatever the case may be, they were probably genuinely, unashamedly themselves and encouraged you to be genuinely, unashamedly yourself.

The world needs you.   The world does not need more carbon copy, cookie cutter people.  The world needs people who are distinct and fully alive.  The world is just waiting for your next idea, your next move, and your next support.  Imagine the impact you can have on the world when you feel confident in yourself to take risks, work productively, and be you.

Self-Discovery Exercise: Now that you believe that you are unique and have important, distinct values, what can you do determine what they are?  A great starting place is write down the following questions and answers to elicit some distinct values you may have:

1. What is something that I would love to do all day, every day, if money was not a factor? 2. What are gifts and talents that other people have noticed and affirmed in me? 3. At the end of my life, what do I want people to have accomplished?  What do I want to be known for?

Discover with others: Feel free to answer these questions in the comment box below!