Visibility is Vital to Your Business

Visibility is more than a buzz word, and it’s all about you showing up as a LEADER in your industry so people can know, trust, and like who you are and what you do!  VISIBILITY is vital to your business -- so you can be SEEN and trusted for the true expert you are. 

It’s the difference between lurking in the shadows and being known for your services. 
It’s the difference between stumbling over the answer to the question “What do you do?” and confidently stating how you help others. 
It’s the difference between hiding behind your “business” and using your gifts to spread your message like wildfire.  

The thing is:  visibility is important to be able to attract, serve, and retain clients.  Visibility is the key to building those essential relationships so you can become the go-to expert in your industry….or at least the go-to expert to leverage your sphere of influence to lead to a successful business practice.  Without visibility, it will be (even more) challenging to accomplish what you set out to do.  

So today, I’d like to break down the visibility process, based on my 3 Pillars of Leadership.  My purpose is to empower and equip you to understand the what, why, and how of visibility so you can go out become more confident and competent in your service-based business.  

visibility is vital | Shi Chen Coaching


Vision: WHAT are you trying to create?  

Before you set out to do ALL of the things, it’s important to create a clear and compelling vision of WHAT you’re trying to create.  Try this simple visualization exercise:  

Imagine yourself 6 months down the road.  You wave a magic wand and picture the vision for your future.  You’ve already put in the work to become visible, and are gaining traction in your business for what you’re doing.  You’re easily building relationships, communicating with the right people, and have the systems in place to leverage your time and talent.  What do you notice about the woman you’re becoming?  What stands out to you about how you’re operating, and what you’re doing?  What have you created for your life and business?    

Let yourself really dream here.  The reason why doing a simple visualization exercise like this is to be able to tap into your creative mind and pinpoint what’s actually important to you, not what someone else is telling you.  It taps into trusting your instincts, and creating a clear mental picture (vision) or what you’re working towards so it can inspired and engage you….even in the difficult time.  

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Values: WHY is this important to you?  What’s the PURPOSE in becoming VISIBLE?   

Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.”  Your purpose is what will propel you to achieve big goals, connect with like-minded people, and align your thoughts and actions in a way that’s authentic to you.  What’s the PURPOSE for being visible?  It doesn’t have to be super deep, and it can just be your purpose “for now”, but understanding this (and declaring it), will help you create momentum.  

Your purpose could be:
— to provide financially for your family
— to use your God-given gifts to better serve others and make an impact
— to challenge the status quo and do something different
— to grow personally and professionally and take a chance on yourself 

Once you understand your purpose and the value of what’s important, then you can wholeheartedly pursue becoming visible in your biz.  

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Communication: WHAT is your message?  WHO would you like to serve?   

Now that you’ve done some of the “inner work,” it’s time to move outwards to articulate your WHAT and your WHY so you can communicate to prospects, peers, and clients.  

You have a MESSAGE to share.  But what is it?  Again, imagine if you had a megaphone and can share one message for the world to hear and instantly connect with.  What would that be?  

That’s the essence of your message.  For example, my life message is to equip women to be leaders from a faith-based, servant-heart, and authentic kind of way, and to reinforce the cycle of women empowering women. 

Imagine again that you’re chatting one-on-one with your ideal client in an intimate coffee date.  Who is this lady?  What is she like? What’s important to her?  What challenge in she dealing with?  How are you helping her change?  

This is the WHO you’d like to serve.  I like to really focus on your ideal client’s values, challenge, biggest desire, and how you specifically help make a difference in her life.  

Over time, practice, and feedback from sharing your message with people, you can begin to edit your message to become an one-liner, or elevator pitch to succinctly communicate who you are, and what you do, and the difference you make in people’s lives.  Your elevator pitch is a short and sweet statement that can start a conversation and attract the right people, and repel the wrong ones.  

Try using this template:  

I’m (name here), and my business is (business name here).  I help (people who are struggling with this particular challenge) with/do/make (biggest result you help with) so they can (biggest reason why it’s important).  

Here are some examples: 

  1. Hi!  I’m Shi, and I’m a leadership coach and business mentor.  I help women entrepreneurs step up as a leader and grow their tribe so they can make an impact in their industry. 
  2. Hello!  I’m Noelle, the graphic designer behind “The Printed Inc.”  I help business owners struggling with getting leads online create a stunning, visual brand so they can get more clients through their web site.  
  3. Hey there!  I’m Jamie with “Stock Image Studios— We provide customizable and affordable stock images for the creative, small business owners who want to stand out online without spending too much time or money.  

Again, you don’t need to be tied to this template, but it’s a good starting point to communicate who you are, what you do, and how you serve.  The more you say it, the more confident you’ll become to telling people EXACTLY what you do.  

Community: HOW will you like to engage with them?   

The key to building a community is ENGAGEMENT over time.  That way, you can build trust by showing your character and your competence day in, and day out.  Once you’ve pinpointed the type of people you’d like to connect with — how will you like to engage with them?  

Some factors to consider:
— Large group, small group, or 1:1?
— In-person, online, or a mix of both?
— Social media: which platform(s) do you like best?
— Creating content: written like blog posts, videos, webinars, Q&A sessions, or collaborations?  

Start with one or two ways to engage.  When you get more comfortable with it and seeing success, then you can venture into more places!  

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Priorities & Productivity: HOW will you make this happen?  HOW do you know you’re successful? 

This pillar is all about the process and accountability.  Most people make the mistake of starting HERE without putting in the ground work of the other pillars.  Once you’ve map out a plan of action, it’s time to take action and EXECUTE!  It’s okay to try and tweak things.  It’s okay to succeed and it’s okay to fail.  The thing to focus on in this pillar is getting feedback of what is working and what is not working.  

How will you make this happen?
Creating a simple process to execute, and actually scheduling time in your calendar to execute will help you make it happen.  

How do you know you’re successful?
Choosing a few key success measures to track.  This could be: ROI on time and money, your energy levels, # of leads talked to, or # of guest contributions.  Then, create a simple way to track it.  I typically just use a Google Sheet to track my chosen success measures, and evaluate my progress at the end of each week.  

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There you have it!  VISIBILITY is all about becoming known for who you are and what you do so you can actually DO it with your ideal clients.  It’s simple, but not easy, to continue to show up on a consistent basis to share value, build relationships, and give your expertise.  But the hard work is worth it.  There are people who need you, your gifts, and your message, and when you’ not sharing them, nobody wins.  Instead, when you take the leap to show up in an authentic and giving way, you can truly create momentum in your business and accomplish what you set out to do.  

I’d love to hear in the comments: What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to visibility?  Which pillar of leadership do you want to focus on? 

With joy,