[Video Training] Using Trello as a Project Management & Task List Tool

If you're anything like me, productivity meant using a notebook to capture ideas, a journal to process those ideas, Lara Casey's PowerSheets to turn those ideas into goals, and then a paper planner turn those goals into my to-do list.  With all of those different sources and purposes for different things, I was actually LOSING time and momentum because I didn't have a streamlined system to capture all of my ideas, process, and tasks into one place. 

And then I discovered Trello. 

Trello is a free, flexible, and visual online tool that acts like an online bulletin board.  It's really simple to use: you can create a board, a list, and cards that can be tweaked and fleshed out to be a truly comprehensive way to use as a Project Management Tool & Weekly Task-Do List.  No more scribbling on sticky notes, and wondering what I need to do tomorrow...or the next week. 

Today's training is a behind-the-scenes look on how I use Trello.  I can use it in a LOT of ways, like a content calendar, CRM system, but today I wanted to focus on how I use it to be productive.  I also share how I incorporate a few of Todd Herman's "90 Day Year Principles" to get focused, productive, and create routines so you can get things done. 

What's your favorite online productivity tool?  After watching the video, what's one tip or trick you'd like to incorporate to be more productive? Leave your comments below!

With joy,