[Free Tool] A Coach's Favorite Tool For Creating Work/Life Balance

What comes to mind when you think of work/life balance?  You know you want it, but struggle with figuring out exactly what that looks like.  Maybe it means that you leave work at work, so you can be fully present with the hubby and kiddos when you get home.  Or, maybe it means you go to a yoga class (without any guilt) so you can get some “me-time.”  Or, perhaps in the season of new mamahood, it means taking a break from formal employment so you can tend to your little and invest in their growth.  

coach favorite tool for work life balance

The thing about work/life balance to keep in mind is: it’s different for each season and it’s different for each person.  So it’s really up to you, to decide and define it for yourself.  The good news is:  as your coach, I have just the exercise for you.  I’m bringing back an oldie but goodie tool created for you to see “how full your life is”, so you can determine your priorities, your current status, and which areas of life need a little bit of attention.  When you can visually see how well you’re balancing your responsibilities, you can make better informed decisions on what to focus on, and what you can let go of.  (Can you say EMPOWERMENT?)  This exercise can also be easily applied to your business, too! 

Coach Tool For Work/Life Balance

How it works:

  1. In the wheel of life exercise, change, split or rename any category so that it’s meaningful and represents a balanced life for you.  You can choose 7-10 categories that best represent the splices of life.  For example: health, financial, business/work, family, friends, church/spiritual, recreation/hobbies, personal development, etc. 
  2. Rank your level of satisfaction with each area from 1 to 10.  You can define a “10” however you’d like.  Then, you will draw a line in each area to represent your satisfaction.  
  3. The new perimeter of the circle represents your work/life balance.  When you shade in each area,  take some time to ask yourself a few reflection questions: 
    • What do you notice about your wheel?  
    • Which area(s) are you currently satisfied in? 
    • Which area(s) need your attention?  How are you going to focus on those?  

This simple yet powerful exercise is an essential one for creating awareness around your work/life balance.  Whenever you feel out of alignment, stressed to the max, or just curious, you can use this tool to quickly evaluate how things actually are and decide what to do about it.  If you’d like your own copy, you can get your free copy in the sign up bow below.  Then, hop on over to the Authentic Brand Leaders Facebook group and let us know how we can help and support you.  

With joy,