The Value of Self-Care

Value-of-Self-Care-by-Shi-Chen Every week, I have a call with my coaching Mastermind group. This group of peer coaches are all from my training program who have stuck together to encourage and brainstorm ideas as we build our coaching practices. The idea of a Mastermind is simple: that a group of supportive individuals is better than one person going alone.

A couple of weeks ago, our Mastermind group talked about the value of self-care. As we pursue our dreams, and work full steam ahead towards our goals, it’s important to take the time for ourselves to rest, recuperate, and reflect. Especially since our Mastermind group is made up of all solopreneurs and one-person operations, it’s vital to give ourselves permission to do things purely for our enjoyment and sanity. Like all good things in life, self-care takes practice and intentionality.

Today, I wanted to extend the conversation I had with my Mastermind group to you, in hopes that it may benefit you in some way. In curious coach fashion, here are some questions for thought, but more importantly, here are some questions that may propel you to take action and create change in your life. So grab your journal or open up an Evernote note, and take some time to process through what self-care means to you.

What does self-care mean to you?

How does self-care affect your life? How does self-care affect those around you?

What are some of the successful ways you implement self-care?

What are some of the self-care ways you would like to increase in your life?

What are some things that you have been interested in, and would like to look into?

How will you implement self-care into your regular routine?

The interesting thing is, each person’s definition and expression of self-care is as unique as the person. So, figure out what helps to replenish your energy and to find your focus. Then, realize that time is important, consider it to be non-negotiable, then do it. Your self will thank you.

Time to take action! What’s one self-care habit you will like to continue/implement over the next few weeks? Write your comments below, and share this post with your friends!

Take care,


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