The Importance of Dreaming

It happens every time.  I lead a client, or group of clients through a simple yet powerful dreaming and visioning exercise.  I teach them about the importance of dreaming, and and give them a blank piece of paper to put pen to paper what exactly those dreams may them permission to imagine a life and business they truly desire. 

The air in the room shifts.  It gets lighter, it feels lighter as people ponder their "what ifs?" and scribble down their brilliant ideas.  We take some time to share what we wrote down, giving others a glimpse of what the future could hold for us.  There's laughter, and "dream poaching" (meaning people stealing your dream idea because they want to do it too), and the best sort of "get to know you" ice-breaker there is.  Because that's the importance of dreams -- they show who are you and who you'd like to become.  

Inevitably there's also a struggle.  Someone who didn't write down anything, or had trouble saying out loud what they actually want.  Because for them, and maybe for you, dreaming feels selfish, or ridiculous, or a reminder of things that never came into fruition. 

Today, I wanted to share with you a Facebook Live video I shared in my community, Authentic Brand Leaders.  I truly believe that change starts when you know (an inkling) to the question, "What do you want?" 

I talk about:
• how dreaming is like building a takes practice to get better
• why dreaming is important to understanding your values and purpose
• what 5-year-olds can teach us about dreaming
• what to do if you're having trouble dreaming

Check it out:

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