The Envisioned Life Workshop: Recap

Envisioned-Life-Workshop-Recap This past weekend, I had the pleasure, alongside of Regina Tay, of facilitating my first ever workshop called, The Envisioned Life. The idea was simple: to combine the exploration of coaching exercises with the expression of a creative/artistic outlet to “picture” life’s potential and possibilities. The result was an incredible time of play and personal breakthroughs with 14 people I’m honored to know. We dreamed BIG, moved past our Fears, discovered personal core values, and created vision boards. Today, I’m showing you an insider look of the workshop, including some exercises you can do on your own.

Envisioned Life Workshop-6


FREE TO DREAM As a coach, one of my favorite things to do with people is to ask them what their dreams are. Not dreams as in the sleepy night-time dreams, but dreams as in the delightful desires of your heart of things you would like to do with your life. If you had all the money, talent, and time you needed and no excuses to stop you, these are the ideas that awaken you to live your true self. Dreams are powerful, compelling visions of what your life could potentially be, and each dream has important data that indicate who you are and what you are all about. But, somewhere along the way living in the Real World, we lose our desire to dream. In reality, dreaming is a brain “muscle” that we can flex and build and create new opportunities.

Envisioned Life Workshop-37DO IT YOURSELF: FREE TO DREAM exercise Grab a pencil and a journal and jot down your answer to the following question: “In my life, I want to _______”

Give yourself 10 minutes. The challenge is to write down as many thoughts as you can. The dreams can be realistic, imaginative, fun, or serious. The purpose of this exercise is to get your dreaming juices flowing, so just keep writing down ideas.

Examples can be: owning a beach house, going on a hot-air balloon ride, and buying a small island. Get even more crazy with examples like: build a colony on Mars, have lunch with Walt Disney, and have a burger named after me.

When we did this at the workshop, the attendees came up with dreams like “build an adventure team,” “own a palace,” and “have a bed & breakfast.” Really cool and interesting ideas!

The key here is: the freedom. Dreams are cost-free and commitment-free. But, they are valuable in projecting possibilities and imagining what life could potentially be.

Envisioned Life Workshop-12(Yes, I am smiling for the camera!  Everyone else is paying attention to the presentation-ha!)

We also talked about Fear, how it can stop you, and how to move past it.  I learned that Fear is a HUGE topic that I will continue to demystify in future posts.

The "meat" of the coaching was spent on understanding personal core values, and sharing stories of core values in action.  We took a look at moments in the past where it was all good, and seek to understand the values that made it an incredible experience.


VISION BOARD This is the fun part, where the dreams, purpose, and values all converge into something creative. Regina led everyone through the process of painting, selecting,and curating words and images that inspire and describe their life. Engaging with visual imagery with meaningful words and picture helps all of us clarify our “vision,” in a therapeutic and fun way. I’m so proud of everyone for their personal insights and creations!

Envisioned Life Workshop-26

Envisioned Life Workshop-64Here is my hubby Joe.  He considers himself to be "not creative" so it was awesome to see him enjoying the process!  What a work of art...his vision board is great, too!  :-)

DO IT YOURSELF: VISION BOARD A vision board is a collection of words and images that are meaningful to you and your ideal future. Look through relevant magazines, newspapers, and the internet for pieces that are compelling for you. Use a canvas, art supplies like paint and colors, and mixed media to create a vision board.  There's no right or wrong way.  Pay close attention to the feelings you are associating with.  (Joy?  Excellence? Balance?)

The Pinterest version: Go on and start gathering quotes, words, and images that really resonate with you. Begin to notice any patterns (color schemes, values, themes) that could indicate something more important for you.

Envisioned Life Workshop-30One of the best parts was at the end of the workshop when everyone shared their vision boards!  I loved hearing about the connections people made about everything they were learning, seeing people try something new, and the permission they gave themselves to experiment, make mistakes, and make some meaningful!

Envisioned Life Workshop-78

Favorite quote of the night would be from Grace (bottom right): "I don't want to be humble, I really like my artwork. 

ON A HEART NOTE: I really enjoyed meeting everyone and facilitating this workshop. I am blown away at what people can do when we are in the right (-brain) mindset. The authenticity, connection, and community built in two short days was incredible! I’m like a proud mama.  Special shout out to Regina for hosting and co-facilitating and everyone who came to the workshop!

Go big or go home,




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