[Stewardship Series: Maximize Your Time as a Christian Entrepreneur]

Welcome to our Stewardship Series: Maximizing Your Time, Talent, and Resources!  

This week, we're diving in to talk about making the most of your TIME, which is your most precious resource.  

Ever feel like you should be further ahead in your life and business than you actually are?  Us, too. 

Jenna Shriver and I have some real talk and truth bombs about lies we believed about time.  

During our conversation, we chatted about: 

  • how the lie of "I should be further ahead in life and business" was the result of comparing ourselves to other Christian women, and the idealized, future version of where we wanted to be 
  • how becoming moms motivated us to get clear on prioritizing our faith and family first, so gave us the permission to build a business at our own rhythm and pace. 
  • remembering that our work has an impact on the legacy we're creating, so we don't have to experience FOMO (fear of missing out), but help us to focus on developing deep relationships, creating sustainable lives and businesses, and investing in building something that will affect generations to come.  

Let me know what resonated most with you!  How are you going to maximize your time to create a lifelong legacy?  

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