Start Where You Are

Don’t despise the small beginnings. When you’re burdened with a big dream, it’s easy to want to bring it to life and make it happen, like yesterday. But getting ahead of yourself before building a solid foundation to launch from can lead to hurt, confusion, and disappointment. There is such value in owning the season of life you’re in — if you focus on doing the work that matters, and developing the skills, relationships and resources you need to turn your dream into reality. If you have a big idea in mind of what your life and business could be like down the road, but are having trouble figuring out what to do now to prepare for what’s next, then today’s post will help you to make the most of your current season in preparation for bigger things to come.

  1. Dream the dream. Start with why. When it comes to dreaming, it’s important to know the purpose behind it. Why is this so important to you? Imagine what your life and business could be like at its fullest potential. This will help with clarity and understanding your underlying motivation behind creating it. Then, knowing the direction you’re headed will help you determine your steps.If you have no idea, that’s okay, just have fun with this process. You can use it as a way to figure out what’s important to you. Clarity also comes with action, so continue to try things and experiment and get the feedback you’re looking for. (See Steps 2-4)
  2. Identify the growth gaps. Once you have an idea of where you’d like to be (in 3 months, 1 year, or 5 years from now), be honest with yourself. In order to get to where you want to go, what do you need?What skills do you need to develop? Maybe it’s public speaking, selling your services, or networking. What relationships would you like to cultivate? Perhaps you’re looking for a referral circle, mentor, or lawyer. What resources would you need to invest in? Could be a workshop about branding, working with a business coach, or new equipment.These are your growth gaps, and the only way to close the gap, is to work towards it. Yes, this will require you to step out of your comfort zone, but I also suggest that you pursue things are still a good fit for you.
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  4. Create the opportunities. Now that you’ve identified the areas of growth to focus on, what can you do to get started right now? My intentions in writing this article is to help you appreciate the season you’re in, and help you realize that there are plenty of opportunities right in front of you, if you learn to look for them. If you adopt an attitude of humility and service and a mindset for growth, you can create the opportunity you’re looking for.For example, if you’re a coach, you could: start a book club with local women, get together with a Mastermind group, or ask your friends to be your test client.If you’re looking to pursue your creative endeavor, you could: open an Instagram account to feature your work, ask vendors to collaborate on a photo shoot together, or give away samples of your prints at events.To make the most of your “getting started” season, look for ways you can add value to others in order to practice a skill for your craft or a skill for your business (because they’re way different!). You never know until you ask, so ask away!
  5. Learn and adjust. When you’re taking action on your ideas, set aside some time to get feedback. This could be externally from asking people you’re working with, or internally by processing personally. What’s working? What’s not working? How could you make it even better? Apart of growing is nurturing and pruning, and tweaking as you go along. Do more of what’s working, and get rid of what’s not. The beauty of starting small is that you can adjust as you grow.
  6. Celebrate the milestones (or mini-stones). Remember where you came from and celebrate your success, whether it’s big or small. You ARE making progress and that effort needs to be recognized. Sometimes it’s discouraging to think of how FAR we still need to go, that we forget how FAR we’ve already come. Declare your wins, embrace the little moments of victory, and be grateful for all of the lessons that you’re learning.

You were created to do BIG things. Let’s prepare to do them well by making the most of where we are now. It’s a tricky balance to be content with your current circumstance, while working towards a better tomorrow, but hopefully with these steps, you’re more equipped for the journey.

If this all feels way too overwhelming, you can download my free eBook guide to walk you through step-by-step process of turning dreaming into doing, getting out of overwhelm and into action.