Reflect on 2015

Reflect-on-2015 There’s something about this time of year that hits me with mixed emotions. I would describe it as one part excitement for the promise of something new, one part disappointment in the things that didn’t come into fruition, and one part gratitude for the learning and growing experience I had personally and professionally in the past year. There’s nothing magical about the start of a New Year, but it’s still the perfect for a year-end review of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Follow along with my simple review routine and I hope it inspired you to reflect and refocus on your own experiences.

The GOOD — Time to Celebrate the GOOD!

Drink New Year’s Eve champagne and wear 2015 glasses as we reflect on the GOOD of this year. Challenge yourself to find the GOLD in your memories.

What worked for you (personally and professionally) in the past year? Some things to consider are: What are your accomplishments? Where did you travel? What fears did you overcome? What was your favorite project? What relationships did you cultivate? What skills did you develop? What are you thankful for? What do you want MORE of?

This year was a year of transition for me. I finished my coach training (YAY!) and started my coaching business (double YAY!). With any new venture, I experimented with niches and offerings to refine who I am as a brand. I created the Envisioned Life workshop, facilitated the Destiny Discovery Quest workshop, started a Mastermind group and coached individual clients through the life purpose and business visioning process. Personally, I got to travel to different parts of China (Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Guilin). My husband and I also made our biggest move from Beijing, China to Baltimore, MD and bought our first home.

The BAD — Time to Let Go of the BAD!

What didn’t work for you (personally and professionally) in the past year? Now is the time to get real. The purpose of this part is not to make you feel bad, but to honestly assess what DIDN’T work so you can ultimately let those things go and move on. Some things to consider are: What did you tolerate in your life and business? What thoughts or actions didn’t support you? What’s something you don’t want to do again? What’s something that didn’t align to your values?

For me, during the first half of the year, I ran my business in the way I was taught during coach training and learning from the pros like Marie Forleo. This meant doing a lot of things online and by myself. For an extraverted girl who enjoys quality time with people, this did NOT work for me.

Also, I got caught up in the comparison game when I first started. It’s easy when you’re starting something new to consume information and implement a system because it worked for an internet guru or a thought leader. What ended up happening though was putting in a lot of effort into something that wasn’t a good fit for me. For example, I tried Twitter for a while but found it to be too time consuming and distracting in my day and not the ideal place to interact with my prospects and tribe. Works for others, but not for me.

The LESSONS — Time to LEARN from Life’s Lessons!

Finally, what lessons did you learn from what worked and didn’t worked? Now it’s time to synthesize the wisdom gained from your experiences. What lessons did you learn from what worked and what didn’t work? What are you going to do about them?

Here’s a few of my lessons: - Since I’m an extrovert, create opportunities to interact with people online and in-person. Networking, co-working, and collaborations are a must moving forward.

- Don’t get sucked into the Black Hole of the internet and consume amounts of information without action. I will unsubscribe from email newsletters and choose a few key people to follow.

- I’m much more comfortable “selling” when I think of it as serving: having a no pressure environment to get to know the prospect’s needs, desires, and making an offer that will help them in their journey towards success.

What about you? How was your year? I encourage you to time some personal time (or with close friends) to reflect on your year. Share the wins, losses, and lessons learned so you can go into the New Year with renewed vision.

Tell me in the comments: What worked, didn’t work, and a lesson learned from 2015?

Cheers, shi-signature