How a Mastermind Can Help You Grow

When you’re dreaming about pursuing a creative endeavor or starting your own business, everything seems to be sunny side up. In reality, the DOING part — yeah, that’s a bit harder. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with ALL of the things you have to do and confused about where to even start. You have these ideas swirling around in your head but not quite sure which one to even focus on. Working from home and having a flexible schedule was pretty awesome at first, but you crave community and real people and having meaningful conversations with people who “get it” — get your dreams, your struggles, and support you where you are now to where you want to be.

Why a Mastermind Group Is Important to Your Growth

That’s the value of a Mastermind group — a circle of trusted, like-minded (but different) peers who gather to share ideas, give feedback, and challenge and support to you actually do the things you set out to do. These are your people to turn to when you get stuck, need a helping hand, or celebrate your accomplishments with. It’s pretty awesome. Mastermind groups are created for the purpose that many brains working together is better than one brain working alone. So if you’re tired of talking to yourself all day, drawing all your ideas on a white board in an empty room like in A Beautiful Mind, or telling your spouse about your new project but getting glazed over eyes of confusion in response, a Mastermind group may be your next best step.

How a Mastermind Group Functions

Here are some details of the ins and outs of a Mastermind:

  • Purpose: A Mastermind group bonds over a common goal: like, we’re all writing our first book, or creating an e-course, or launching a coaching program. Something special happens when people come together in community to support and encourage one another towards their goals.
  • People: to ensure the success of the group, I like to have people who share common values (like service, creativity, and sense of humor) but have varying perspectives and walks of life for richer conversation. A group size can be 4-8 people to maintain both trust and diversity.
  • Frequency: Mastermind groups meet on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month)
  • Location: People can meet locally in-person or virtually (Google Hangouts, Skype, or a conference call works).
  • Format: Each meeting can have a similar format: 5 minutes of sharing wins and accomplishments, then each member gets time in the “Hot Seat” where they talk about what they're working on and poses a question for feedback from the group. Then, wrap up with stating intentions and action steps you want to accomplish before the next call.

This system of built-in brainstorming and accountability is invaluable for personal and professional growth. Having people who are just are committed to your growth just as much as their own will help you get rid of your excuses, and kick your butt into action.

So, if this is something that interests you — then you're in luck!  The "Step Up & Shine Mastermind" is LIVE!  Check out all of the juicy details here to get started on taking action on your God-given dreams!