Life Coaching for Beijing Expats

Coaching-for-BJ-expats-1We bought our airplane tickets to fly home.

Well…”home” may not be an appropriate word because living in Beijing for past 4 of 5 years, this city has become my home. So, we bought our airplane tickets to fly to my childhood home. At the end of June, we will fly with all my possessions stuffed in two suitcases, with my husband, to move back to America.

It’s a surreal feeling, the emotions in the midst of transition. There’s some nostalgia and purpose as things come to an end and the hopeful attempts to plan and prepare for the future. I’ve become familiar with this transition dance—the one where I take two steps for forward progress and stumble back one step. Over the years, I have experienced so many transitions…from college to career, single to married, and teaching to coaching. Each transition had the potential to make or break me. Some did make me, and some did break me, and the difference between the two was whether I had support of a friend, mentor, or coach to help me through the transition.

Over the years, through my personal experience and my training as a coach, I have learned useful tools and processes to help to make the most of any transition. Change is inevitable, especially in rapidly-growing city of Beijing. But true growth and life change takes intention, openness, and commitment.  Before I go, I would love to help a handful of fellow Beijing expats gain clarity and confidence amidst a life or work change.  I have learned that leading the transition dance, and not letting it lead you, results in more understanding, competence, and contentness.

Here are the details for Life Coaching for Beijing Expats:

  • 6 weekly or bi-weekly sessions (45-50 min. sessions), conducted by phone or Skype
  • personalized, inspired action steps to take in-between sessions
  • accountability for you to create the change you seek
  • unlimited email support

This is for a limited time only, from March to May 2015. You can also learned more details here.

If you are interested and ready, I would love to hear from you. Email me introducing yourself and we can get started with a 30-minute complimentary session. It’s completely confidential and use to see if coaching is a great fit and next step for you.

Keep on dancing,