How to Kill Your Joy

how-to-kill-your-joy Step 1. Compare what you’re doing to what someone else is doing. Step 2. Think about all the reasons why you’re not as creative/courageous/hard-working/fill-in-the-blank as this person.

Step 3. Make excuses. Step 4. Forget your own, personal compelling reasons why you’re doing this work in the first place. Step 5: Wallow in self-pity and doubt and stop doing the work.

comparison thief 

How to Renew Your Joy

Step 1. Realize you are you-nique. (Admitting is always the first step). Step 2. Think about all the reasons you are creative/courageous/hard-working/fill-in-the-blank. AND that you are enough. Step 3. Recognize others for their work and contributions. Celebrate their success with them, and also celebrate your own milestones—big or small. Step 4. Remember your own purpose for this planet. Let it propel you to do what you were born to do. Step 5. Focus on what you do best and delight yourself in your own work.

what matters

* BONUS TIP: Another way to fight comparison is to join forces in collaboration! This upcoming event is a direct result of teaming up and asking ourselves: what do we do best...together?


Envisioned-LifeUPCOMING EVENT: The ENVISIONED Life Workshop Join artist Regina Tay and coach Shi Chen For “The Envisioned Life,” an art + spiritual workshop dedicated to walking you through the discovery process of creating a picture of a purposeful life. We will mix the exploration of coaching with the expression of creativity to clarify and magnify your Envisioned Life.

More info, visit the Events page. To register, contact Shi using the button below: [button url="'m interested in the Envisioned Life Workshop"]Contact Shi[/button]