How Coaching Changed My Life & How It Can Change Yours

how-coaching-changed-my-life Back in the spring of 2013, I was living what I call the “disillusioned” life.  Things on the surface appeared great: I moved back to the bustling city of Beijing, China to be engaged to my best friend, Joe, and to work at an international school with my dear friends-turned-co-workers.  But things on the inside didn’t feel great.  I was anxious about the upcoming major life changes and treading water going through the motions of a 9-5 job.  I was just, exhausted.  

Then, coaching intersected my life at the crossroad between coasting through life and creating a meaningful one.  

I went to a weekend coaching seminar with Jill and Danny Coyle of 3e Coaching, with the lure of “discover your destiny” and the hope of “find your purpose.”  What does that even mean?  In reality,  I spent a weekend with my fiancé (now husband), friends, and a team of amazing coaches to engage in written exercises and intimate conversations focused on exploring our unique dreams, core values, and stories of past wins that made me feel awesomely alive.

But I know I could not have done it, alone.  

Sure, I could have bought myself a workbook and write down some answers to a couple of questions and call it a day.  However, I realized that weekend this simple truth:

Coaching is a relationship designed to empower me to lead a life I love.  

The fresh, outside perspective helped me to clarify and articulate my values and what makes me truly me.  The objective view helped me to identify devastating lies I believed (“I am not good enough”) and the support encouraged me to replace it with truth (“I have unique gifts to offer”).  Coaching reminded me of the big dreams I have for my life, identified obstacles to help me overcome them, and gave me easy-to-use tools for time management and goal setting to work them into reality.

Coaching is NOT a quick fix or glorified coffee date.  

Once I experienced the power of coaching, I shed the victim mentality, invested time and energy to working with a personal coach and mentor, and implemented strategies to my daily routine.  With a whole lot of hustle and heart over time, I went from disillusioned to intentional, bored to creative, and exhausted to accomplished.

These are a few life changing lessons I learned:

  • What you focus on, you get more of
  • You are more likely to achieve your goal when you have support, encouragement, and accountability
  • You already have what you need to succeed

Coaching changed the trajectory of my life.  I became a coach, so it can help change yours.

This is my coaching story.  What's yours?  If you are at a crossroad between coasting through life and creating a meaningful one, coaching is an essential relationship and resouce.  Coaching can also teach you tools and strategies for goal-setting and time management for clarity and commitment. Interested? Check out the about and coaching page, and contact me to get started with a complimentary session! 

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