[Featured: Grit & Virtue] 3 Essential Mentors For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

As a leader, you have people looking to you for direction and guidance.  But who do you look to for support and wisdom?  I believe that we were never meant to go on our entrepreneurial journey alone and need mentors in our lives to encourage, challenge, and champion our success. I wrote an article about 3 Essential Mentors For Your Entrepreneurial Journey that breaks down the type of mentors you need in your life (and it may not be what you think they are!) and of course, practical action steps for you to take to cultivate those relationships. It's featured on Grit & Virtue which is an incredible resource that equips women for their entrepreneurial journey.  Check it out and let me know who your mentors are, or who you'd like to connect with!


"We were made to thrive in community, and use our gifts and strengths to serve others."

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