[Featured: The Well Studio] 3 Ways to Embrace Fear

Fear.  It's the sneaky thing that's bound to pop up whenever you're pursuing something that matters.  Whether it's the fear of failure, fear of success, or fear of looking like a fool, I got your back.  Because the thing is, fear has a positive intention in our lives IF we learn how to deal with it, well.  That's why I wrote about "3 Ways to Embrace Fear," and I'm so honored that it's featured over on The Well Studio's blog.  The Well Studio is an amazing resource for Dreamers & Doers, on a mission to live, not perfectly, but well.  If you're dreaming up something big, and working on your goals, this read will be helpful in kicking fear to the curb.  Enjoy!   


The good news is, God uses everyday people to do extraordinary things

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