Dream Like a 5-Year-Old

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A firefighter. A spaceman. Elsa from Frozen! When I was teaching preschool students and asked them this question, they responded with such ease and enthusiasm that it was contagious. The list of goes on and on. A flying unicorn. A beautiful mermaid. A Transformer. It didn’t matter if it was real, or practical, or if they actually had the skill set to pursue it. The only thing that mattered was that their imagination and sense of wonder allowed them to dream out loud what they wanted their lives to be about. Those 5-year-olds taught me an invaluable lesson about the importance of dreaming that I wanted to share with you today.

The Importance of Dreaming

When I talk about dreaming, I’m not talking about the sleepy, night-time dreams you have, but about the deep desires of your heart that are just waiting for you to acknowledge and express them. Dreams are so powerful because they can indicate what’s important to you. Dreams awaken your passions and when you give yourself permission to do it, it causes excitement, joy, and the pursuit of what’s possible. It’s a creative, right-brain activity that we don’t normally do, so it’s vital to make space for it. We'll “stretch those dreaming muscles” so we can continue to be visionary, proactive, and intentional with moving forward with our lives and businesses. Dreams are often are the seeds of change that only you can implement. Social movements like the Civil Rights Movement started because Dr. Martin Luther King “had a dream” and amazing companies like Apple started because Steve Jobs had a dream to challenge the status quo. So, taking some time to talk, reflect, and process through your dreams have massive potential for impact.

How to Dream like a Five-Year-Old

Where most people get stuck in the dreaming process is thinking that dreams are goals, or part of a to-do list. When you’re dreaming, you’re just having fun initiating ideas and possibilities. Dreams are cost-free and commitment-free. At this point, it’s really just challenging yourself to ask “what if….” and come up with interesting possibiltiies. 5-year-olds are experts at dreaming freely because they are honest in articulating what they want, but don’t necessarily feel the responsibility to make it happen. That’s the key to the dreaming process as a starting point, to give yourself the freedom to come up with big ideas without the weight of putting it into action (yet).

Now, It’s Your Turn

Grab your journal or open up a word doc, and take some time to process through the following and give yourself permission to DREAM! It’s powerful to not only write it down on paper, but also to say it aloud and talk to a trusted friend or coach about it. HAVE FUN with this and consider why these things are important to you.

If time and money were no object, what do I want to have? If I could live my ideal day, what do I want to do? If I reached my full potential, who would I want to be?

I’d love to hear what came up for you! Feel to leave in the comments below one thing that stood out to you as you did this. As always, you can always book a consultation to chat to see if further personalized coaching would be a helpful next step for you.

Keep dreaming,