Destiny Discovery Quest Recap

Destiny-Discovery-Quest-Recap-by-Shi-ChenI think I’m still on a high from this past weekend. I had the honor to co-facilitate the workshop, Destiny Discovery Quest, with the dream team of Jill and Danny Coyle of 3ecoaching and Kyla McIntyre. This is our fifth DDQ workshop we have done together. Every time we do it, I’m more and more convinced that we are apart of a life-changing process.

Destiny Discovery Quest is a seminar focused on recognizing that you are a unique creation and understanding the details of your distinct design. We explore the whats and the whys to who you are and the potential impact your life can have. We gather together to make meaning out of seemingly meaningless and connections out of the disjointed parts of your life. We had an amazing group of 18 honest, interesting, and supportive people who engaged in the process and had some pretty cool personal breakthroughs.

Today, I would like to share an insight I’ve gained from this workshop, as both an attendee and a a facilitate. I hope to identify a common patterns and resistance people may encounter during the process of living out their dreams and offer a way to “break through” them.

The box we use to define ourselves may also be used to confine us.

In our culture, we may wrap our identity in a single word of what we do. For example, our lives revolve around being a designer, a pastor, or a business man. We filter our gifts, dreams, relationships, experiences through the lens of this one word and build a “box” to define who we are with what we do.

For a long time, I did the same thing. I identified myself as a teacher with teaching gifts, teaching stories, and teaching potential. It was hard for me to see beyond the walls of the teacher box and understand that there was so much more to me than my job title.

That’s why it was hard to reconcile seemingly unrelated dreams of performing at a Superbowl halftime show and hiring my own team for a personal company. Hey! A girl can dream… It was difficult to see how relaxing by the beach or watching episodes of Modern Family was related to being a teacher. They’re not, but letting myself reenergize in these particular ways would directly impact how effective I am as a teacher. All of the “other parts” of me— my dreams, childhood experiences, personal development, my hobbies, health, and spiritual life— did not fit into my teacher box.

Then, I was reminded that we are human beings, and not human doings.

In other words, my identity embodies a full picture of my a whole life, and not just a small, little identity box I built to fit the image of a teacher.

In order to break through the box, I needed a community of supportive people to ask safe and curious questions helped me to see beyond my limitations and encourage me to move past them.

In order to break through the box, I needed to build my creative muscles and learn useful personal development tools to help me to make meaning out of life and glean lessons from past experiences.

In order to break through the box, I recognized that there was one, and gave myself permission to see beyond the walls of it.


When we do, we can begin to find meaning in all aspects of our lives, not just what we do. We can look for connections among our recreation, our work, and our goals. Ultimately, we can clarify and identify the core values that resonate with us. Then, our lives can be a full expression of our values, and we can live beyond the box.

What is a “box” that has been defining or confining you? How would you like to break through the box?

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If you are interested in attending DDQ, head on over to for info on upcoming workshop dates.

Getting high on breakthroughs,



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