Cultivating a CEO mindset

Would you want to work for a boss like yourself?

That’s the question I ask myself if I need to evaluate my effectiveness as the CEO of my company.

Sometimes as service-based solopreneurs, we're responsible for doing everything -- from bookkeeping, to scheduling, to creating new products and services, and delivering those products and services.  So it’s important to acknowledge the fact that you're BOTH the boss of your business AND the service provider who does the work. So when I’m cultivating the mindset of a CEO, I’m pursuing clarity of a vision and mission that can bring out the best of my abilities in order to serve people well.

Then, I can give myself the permission to make decisions that honor what’s best for me as the coach/service provider.

In this week's letter, we're talking about cultivating the mindset of a CEO so you treat your business like a business (and not an expensive hobby, or just a ministry).  So let's dive in and talk about how to really take ownership of growing your company! 

1. If it works for a large company, it can work for your small business. 

For example, if I worked for a boss who expected me to work 24/7 and paid me very little, I would be resentful and on the fast track to burn out. So in my own business, I’m empowered to set profitable rates and set boundaries to protect the integrity of my work.

Another example would be investing in education to help me improve my business knowledge and skills. If I worked for a company, I would appreciate continuing education and opportunities to get better at my job. So I do the same in my business.

Ultimately, you are your own boss, so you have the freedom to be your best advocate.  The best way to cultivate that CEO mindset is to act "as if" you're already a CEO of a large company (if that's your vision).  That visioning power can help you gain clarity on what's important in order to build that caliber of a company.  

2. Set aside specific time to do CEO responsibilities.  

Having a CEO date with yourself is a great way to stay connected and on track with the vision of your business.  If CEOs of big companies take time off to work ON your business, rather than IN it all the time, then you can too.  

So here’s what that can look like.  Every year, take some time in December to reflect on what worked, and what didn’t work so you can learn from the wins and lessons from the year.  Then, you can dream big for the year and plan the projects you want to work on for the year.  

You can break up this rhythm every quarter, and then check-in weekly to see your progress.  I have a weekly CEO date with myself (typically on Fridays) to check in with my bank account, review what happened during the week, and catch up on anything that I may have missed.  This way, you’re giving yourself the space to execute on the plan.  

3. Understand that you're working for something bigger than yourself.  

Even though you are the BOSS, you're not alone or bear the burden all on your shoulders.  God wants to be apart of all aspects of your life, especially your business.  Sometime inviting Him into the process of visioning, making big decisions, and executing the day-to-day tasks can allow you to surrender to what matters most.    So being a CEO means partnering with God to build a business with a mission that truly exists to serve others and make a difference in the world.  

Of course, truly seeing yourself as a CEO means growing in your confidence and competence as a business owner.  

I'd love to hear below, how do you like to cultivate a mindset of a CEO?  If you'd like some 1:1 support to help you build a business that you LOVE, I invite you to book a discovery call for my coaching services to see how I can best support you.  

With joy,