Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude-of-Gratitude It’s a holiday tradition I look forward to every year. Once we have our family and friends around the table to feast on the Thanksgiving favorites and Asian fusion side dishes (just like the Pilgrims did), we take time and take turns to declare what we are grateful for. As people share the little gifts and the big wins they are thankful for, my heart begins to shift focus from doing, growing, and going to simply enjoying being fully present in the moment. And that attitude of gratitude is something I want to adopt — all year round.

Gratitude has this magical power of turning your attention from what you want in the future, to what you’ve been blessed with right now. When we “count our blessings,” we operate from a place of knowing that we have enough, and we are enough — and yes, that changes everything.

There are many different ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. You may create a long list of things you are thankful for. Last year, I choose one topic I’m grateful for, and came up with 10 things under that topic I’m grateful for. This year, I wanted to try something different, and connect all of my grateful items to a compelling reason why — to remind me there is purpose and value in my life.

I am grateful for ________ because _____________.

1. I am grateful for my husband because he shows me how to love unconditionally and I couldn’t do what I do without his support.

2. I am grateful for the YMCA because it’s a fun community to exercise, and challenges me to take care of my body.

3. I am grateful for my coaching clients because it’s a joy to be apart of their transformation and I’m inspired by their courage to lead meaningful lives.

4. I am grateful for my mentors because they walk with me through this tough entrepreneurial journey and encourage me to trust my instincts and follow-through on my ideas.

5. I am grateful for my new home because we are putting down roots and committing to making fun memories and serving the city of Baltimore.

I know that Thanksgiving is synonymous with gratitude exercises, but taking the time to declare what you’re thankful for, and why, can be a practice you adopt all-year round. Guess what? When we look for positive blessings and reasons to be thankful, we will create a heart space for more abundance of positive blessings and reasons to be thankful.


Your turn! What’s something you’re grateful for right now? You can use the framework: “I am grateful for ________ because _______” to share in the comments section below.

Happy Thanksgiving!