Celebrating the Launch of Shi Chen Coaching

Shi-Chen-Coaching-Launch Bring out the champagne and the noisemakers: it's time to celebrate!  Shi Chen Coaching is officially launched and live!

With every milestone, it's important to take the time to acknowledge progress, not perfection, and recognize that courage is developed over time in the small, mundane moments.  The launch of Shi Chen Coaching is a dream in the making come true, and I'm so grateful for the support and encouragement of my husband, family, friends, NeXt community, and Erickson cohort.  You guys rocks!

On my personal blog, I wrote about how a hot-air balloon ride reminded me of launching a dream.  In both cases, you have to trust your instincts enough to get in the basket, navigate where the wind takes you, and find a spot on the horizon to finally land.  Here's another chance to get in the basket, and enjoy the ride!  I hope that you join us in our journey.

Cheers! Shi signature