5 Must-Read Life + Business Books

Dear leader who’s a reader,

In this week’s letter, I wanted to share with you 5 of my favorite recent reads on life and business, as an addition to my recommended reading list.  I believe there’s nothing more powerful than connecting through story, and I’m pretty obsessed with learning more about psychology, personal development, and making more money.  I’m so grateful for these authors who share their knowledge and wisdom in such an accessible way.  I consider authors to be a form of “passive mentoring” because their books are a great way to learn from their experiences and expertise.  So, without further ado, here’s my list of recent favorite reads!  

1. Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

Brene Brown has SUCH a gift of articulating complex emotions and experiences so you can *finally* identify the truth of what’s really going on.  In Braving the Wilderness, Brene talks about how true belonging extends from connections and having the courage to stand alone.  She shares about her early experiences of not feeling like she belonged in her family and the impact that had on her.  As women, as entrepreneurs, it’s so relatable when we find ourselves in situation where we feel different and not worthy of belonging, but this book gives you the tools to be able to find the courage to stay true to you.   

On a political note, there have been so many divisive issues so this book helps you to navigate how to have tough conversations in a civil way.  I believe you can apply this same concept to your business because it’s important to stand up for your values AND respect other people who may differ from you.  We have so much we can learn from each other.  

She also breaks down the components of TRUST so you can have the language to know how to build better relationships with other people AND yourself.  For example, when a boss tells you that “she doesn’t trust you”, that’s a HUGE claim and not helpful feedback in knowing what you change.  So, her 7 components of trust is super helpful in knowing what area you can improve upon.  It’s actually what inspired me to choose “Trust” as my word for 2018 (and given me a framework on how to build it).  If you’re a Brene Brown, read this book!  

2. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz  

When it comes to business finances, we’ve heard that Income - Expenses = Profit.  But when we spend MORE than what we make, we’re just hoping that we’ll make a profit.  In this book, Mike Michalowicz challenges you to put profit FIRST so your Income - Profit = Expenses.  This books is a super helpful (and funny) guide to help you take control of your business finances.  It’s like Dave Ramsey’s envelope system for your business so you have a plan for your income, expenses, profit, paying yourself, tithe, and taxes.  

It’s one of my goals this year to fully implement this system, and so far, it’s helping me feel like I have MORE freedom in my finances because of this type of plan for my money.  I also like how he gives examples of how this works for different types and sizes of business, and how flexible it can be to meet you where you are currently and help you work towards those goals.  If you’re looking for a business book for your money, I’d recommend this one!    

3. The Road Back to You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile

I’m pretty much a personality type junkie, so I become obsessed when a friend told me about the Enneagram.  It’s an ancient personality typing system with a spiritual bent to it.  It’s different than the Myers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder because it’s based on 9 different personality types, and describes each type in terms of what truly motivates you, what sin you struggle with, and how you behave when you’re healthy, or unhealthy.  

This book is an introduction to the Enneagram and gives a description to each one so it was helpful in giving more insight to my personality (I’m a 7!).  If you’re interested in learning more about your strengths and shadow side, then go read this book!  

4. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Want to get more effective with your marketing?  Donald Miller shows you how to incorporate the elements of storytelling into your brand message so you’re clear on how to communicate the value you provide in the eyes of your customers.  I’d HIGHLY recommend this book, especially if you’re a service-based solopreneur who has trouble answering the question, “What do you do?”

It’ll help you hone in on your message, help you to see yourself as the guide (and not the hero) of your client’s story, and know how to simplify your words so it makes sense and makes sales.  

5. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

With the tagline, “Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant To Be”, how can you go wrong?  After reading this book, I’d definitely want Rachel Hollis to be MY life coach.  She’s a successful entrepreneur of a media company and mama of 4, so I loved how real she was about her journey to get to where she is today and dispelling the lies she *used* to believe.  

I could definitely relate to ALL of the lies but the ones the stand out to me are, “Something else will make me happy,” “I’m not good enough”, and “I’m should be further along than I am”.  She lovingly (and hilariously) shares her embarrassing stories and talks about things we’re all thinking but afraid to admit, so I found it really refreshing to read this book.  She's been through some TOUGH stuff (rough childhood, brother's suicide, fostering kids) and still has a perspective on life that will encourage you to take ownership of it and rise to its challenges.  She also includes tips on “what helped her” with practical tips to help you chase your dreams, raise a family, let go of fear and get out of your own way for YOUR life.  

These are my favorite business books that I've read recently that covers the span from mindset, money, marketing, and leadership!  I'd love to know YOUR favorite books in the comment below. 

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With joy,