This Belief is Blocking You From Leading

Dear Reluctant Leader,

The more I grow in my faith, leadership, and business, the more I realize it’s not really about the strategies, or the step-by-step action plan.  Growth depends on the strength of your mindset, and whether your beliefs are limiting or empowering.  

Your thoughts -> actions -> habits -> results, so if we want anything to happen, we have to tackle the BELIEFS around leadership.  As Christian women, we tend to struggle with some common ones that truly hold us back from greatness.  As your coach, I’m here to make sure you can win the battle in your MIND, so you can win the battle in BUSINESS.  

Beliefs can be categorized into limiting beliefs (ones that prevent you from taking action), and empowering beliefs (ones that push you to take more action).  

The most common limiting belief I hear from a lady leader feels called to do something is great is this:

“Why ME?”

It’s a question with a hint of self-doubt, comparison, or perfectionism.  

What you’re really wondering is:  Who am I to do this?  Do I have what it takes to get to the next level?  

I get it.  It’s scary when you’re starting something new to feel like you’re capable and confident enough to do it well.  

But the thing I want you to realize is that God has equipped you with experiences, expertise, and specific strengths that led you to where you are today.  If you’re waiting for someone else to step up, the “perfect timing”, or knowing all the pieces before you start, then you’ll be waiting for a long time.  

So instead, let’s turn that limiting belief into an empowering one, and ask yourself, “WHY me?”  

What are your personal stories of when you overcame a struggle or an obstacle?  
Because this can help you relate and inspire people to change.

What are specific knowledge and skills that you have that people love to learn about?
Because this is your expertise you’re developed so you can teach others about it.  

What is your unique point of view, or opinion on important matters?
Because this is your voice you can use to be an advocate for causes you believe in.  

What’s your bigger vision and purpose that fuels you?  
Because this is a stepping stone to even bigger and better things.  

It’s your turn to lead.  

It doesn’t matter if you have one person, or one thousand people to influence, it’s your choice to start where you are, with who you are.  You’ll continue to learn, change, and adapt, but make sure you equip yourself with a strong mindset of growth so you can take your business to the next level.  

As always, I’d love to hear from you -- what limiting belief do you need to let go of?  What empowering one would you like to adapt instead?  Let me know in the comments below!