Journey to Being Your Best Boss: Part 1

Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur is a tough one.  We hear stories of quick 6-figure income or working poolside in an exotic location and there must be something off with our own story towards success.  The thing is: becoming your best boss is a JOURNEY.  The road to learning how to cultivate self-leadership, pursue your vision and values, be accountable to your ideas and actions, in order to inspire change and make an impact is one that's full of great victories, epic failures, relationships lost and gained, and character development.  (Not quite the same as the motivational memes you see on Pinterest).  So, for the next 21 days, I'll take you behind-the-scenes into my own stories, lessons, and strategies of what it means to Be Your Best Boss -- to grow as a leader, to create a business on your own terms, and to strengthen your faith along the way.  

#beyourbestboss part 1

Here's a recap of the first 5 days:

Day 1 of the #beyourbestbossjourney: Commit to Your Vision

Being Your Best Boss means you are the CEO leader of your business.  YOU get to decide the vision you’re working towards, and ways to make it happen.

One of the “pillars” of leadership I often talk about is “Vision”: getting clarity on the “WHAT” you’d like to create or dream to pursue.  

The thing is: clarity doesn’t come from daydreaming, or doodling ideas in a sketchbook (although those things are a good starting point.)  Clarity comes from action and actually setting out to DO what you intended to do.  Once you COMMIT to turning your vision into reality, that’s where the magic happens.

When I first started coaching, my vision was just to empower women to be entrepreneurial leaders and build a community where they can meet, mingle, and grow together.  

I started small, started where I was, and tapped into the resources available to me.  That looked like teaching professional development workshops and creating book clubs for my fellow co-workers while I was still teaching full-time.  That looked like hosting a life group for young adults in my home on a weekly basis.  That looked like getting in front of audiences of any size to teach about identifying your God-given core values, overcoming fear, and intentional goal-setting.  That looked like formally mentoring emerging professionals and business owners to the next level of success.  A couple of years later, I’m still doing those things, it just with different people, at a higher level, and I’m getting paid for it...and still dreaming up creative ways I can carry out this vision. 

Day 2 of the #beyourbestbossjourney: Own Your Values

Being Your Best Boss means owning your value so you can go out there, serve wholeheartedly, and make a positive impact.  

Yesterday I shared about your Vision (the WHAT), and today I wanted to talk about your VALUES (the WHY).  Want to know a game-changer for your success?  

1. Knowing you HAVE value.
2. Identifying WHAT that value is.
3. Owning THAT value.

You see, my leap from educator to entrepreneur was a messy one.  For my entire college days and career, I identified myself as a teacher.  When I no longer had a formal classroom (and getting paid regularly for it), I struggled with my worth.   The was a great lesson to learn that JOB TITLE doesn’t dictate your value.  What you value and how you act on it will affect the quality of work you produce.  Thankfully, I was able to pinpoint my gifts of empathy, developing people and community, and creativity that helped me bridge the gap between educator and entrepreneur and trade my own classroom for my own venture.

Day 3 of #beyourbestbossjourney: Create a COMMUNITY of Mentors

Being Your Best Boss means always being willing to learn and grow, and reaching out for help so you don’t have to go at it alone.  

Let’s be real: I made the mistake of trying to do business alone.  

COMMUNITY is key when trying to create something that matters.  It can make the difference between feeling isolated and spinning your wheels, and sharing ideas, feedback, and encouragement along your journey.  

I knew I need support from people who understand the craziness of solo-preneurship.  I hired a coach (well, I’ve worked with several). I was picky and invested in people whom I could trust to speak into my life and business.  The result?  More insight, more accountability momentum, and just more fun.  When I get the right support and invested in my own growth by working with someone who can see my potential and willing to push me to reach it I was able to pour that back into my clients and personal relationships. 

Additional Resource: Mentor's Guide For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Day 4 of #beyourbestbossjourney: Create a COMMUNITY of PEERS
Being Your Best Boss means supporting, championing, and encouraging your peers towards their success.  Because “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.”

Just because I work from home, doesn’t mean I can’t have co-workers (and without the water cooler drama and office politics -- yes, please!).  Connecting with like-minded women in business has been been great for my sanity -- to bounce ideas, share boss lady stories, and lean on each other’s strengths to do collaborations to push both our businesses forward.

Day 5 of #beyourbestbossjourney: Grow your COMMUNICATION skills
Being Your Best Boss means honing your communication skills so you seek to understand, rather than to be understood.  So many times, we get frustrated by people because we assume something for the worst, or feel like no one gets it.  I believe that great leaders have great coaching skills, meaning they ask really powerful questions, reflect back what they hear you say, and empower you to make your own choices while holding you accountable to those choices.  It’s definitely an “art of conversation” because can have a big impact on your interactions with people.  

What has your #beyourbestbossjourney been like?  What are you learning about leadership, business, and faith as you become the best version of yourself?  If you'd like the guidance and accountability of a coach on your entrepreneurial journey, check out my 3-month mentorship: "Be Your Best Boss." 

Apply for a discovery call here to see how working together can help you take your biz to the next level. 

With joy,

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