3 Tips For Creating Better Outcomes

3-Tips-for-Creating-Better-Outcomes The beginning of the New Year brings the promise of changes and the hopes of successful resolutions.  Statistics show that resolutions are broken within a few weeks.  The next time you are feeling “resolution-y,” no matter how big or small, keep these tips in mind as you predict your outcome, and plan how to get there.

  1. Get Clear On Your Result  Clarity is your friend, vague-ness is not.  Getting crystal clear on your end goal provides criteria in how you can measure your progress and gives direction while you are making decisions.  Knowing the specifics of our intended results help us stay focused, make adjustments, and anticipate obstacles.

“Get healthy” can be even more helpful described as: 30-minute circuit training three times a week, sleep 8 hours a night, lose 5 pounds, and replace refined sugars with natural fruit.

2. Flip the Negative to the Positive  There is power in positive words and positive framing in how it affects our motivation and our thinking.  We get more of what we focus on.  If my focus is on "don’t eat donuts", "stop being a couch potato", and "no more ice cream", my will power will run out as it is overtaken by my thoughts on binge eating sweets and binge watching Modern Family.  Instead, if my focus is on enjoy a piece of fruit, have fun walking with a friend, and feel energized and confident, I’ll be more likely to stick with my goals.

3. Work Within Your Control You are more likely to reach your outcome when you are responsible for things that are within your control.  There’s no use spending energy on changing others or waiting for different circumstances.  What’s something that you can do?  What’s a method you can incorporate?  Yes, I can make home-cooked meals, and I can buy a reusable water bottle to refill on a regular basis.  Find out what is within your control, and work with it!

Empowering Exercise:  List 3 situations that went well.  List 3 situations that did not go well.

Rate each situation on a scale from 1(low) to 10 (best), based on the following criteria: - Did I have a clear image of what I wanted? - Was my goal stated in the positive? - Was the outcome within my control?

You are much more likely to succeed when you are clear on what you want, focus on the positive, and work within your control.

Join the Conversation: What did you think of the outcome exercise?  Would love to hear your thoughts and voices by writing your comments below!

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