[Video] 3 Pillars of Leadership

It started with a curiosity. I wondered how women in business navigated through the leadership realm.  Who are mentors they admired? What qualities do they admire in a leader?  Do they see themselves as leaders?  How do you grow as leader?   

I wanted to find out some answers because I kept hearing the same things over and over again from women in the workplace.

Complaints about their boss.  Questions about how to be taken seriously in the work world as a young women professional.  Feelings of doubt and inadequacy even after an amazing promotion.  Uncertainty about their vision and values and ability to make them happen.

As a woman in business myself, I'm growing in my own awareness and abilities as a leader in my life & business.  I believe that we all have unique gifts and talents that we're meant to use to serve in the marketplace, and it takes intentionality and experience for us to grow into the leaders we want to become.

So, in today's video blog, I wanted to share the 3 pillars (well....maybe it's more like 6) that I found to be the key areas of leadership to master if you'd like to be a more effective leader and make an even BIGGER impact with your life & business.  If you're going through a challenge in your work, I hope you find this helpful to identify which area you're rocking in, and which ones you may need to grow in.  There's also a fun announcement about working with me at the end.

If you're interested in working together to tackle your leadership challenge, get more information for Lead to Succeed and fill out questionnaire to see if we're a great fit.  If so, I'll contact you within two business days to we can set up a discovery call to chat further!

With joy,