[Stewardship Series: Maximize Your Talents as a Christian Entrepreneur]

Welcome to our Stewardship Series: Maximizing Your Time, Talent, and Resources!  

This week, we're diving in to talk about making the most of your TALENT, your God-given gifts that you want to turn into a business.

Ever feel like you're just another photographer?  Or just another coach lost in the crowd of fellow coaches?  We did, too.  

Jenna Shriver and I have some real talk and lies we believed about our talent, and the truth that ultimately set us free.  

During our conversation, we chatted about: 

  • Jenna's start in the industry 10 years ago, and how the landscape has changed from being super competitive to being more community minded.  She also shares her story of going to a retreat and meeting fellow Christian photographers, her moment with God asking him, "Why do I need to be another photographer?"  and His reminder that she is meant to serve those in her life.  
  • how connecting with other creatives allows you to celebrate people's talents 
  • Shi's story about being naturally gifted at coaching but having to learn the "talent" of running a business.  
  • Tips for putting a price on your talent when you're first starting out so you can grow your compentency and your portfolio. 

Let me know what resonated most with you!  How are you going to use your talent to better serve others?

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