How to Make Confident Decisions

Dear leader who has a big decision to make,

You may be feeling overwhelmed at the moment because you have a big decision to make that could potentially change your business life and affect the people you’re leading.  Maybe it’s choosing who to hire as your next team member, how you want to expand your services, or even what work/life balance would look like in this season.  The weight of this decision feels like a heavy burden on your shoulders because you want to make to right choice out of options that all seem to good, but not perfect.  

Stop.  Take a deep breath.  You’re capable of making decisions with confidence.

In today’s letter, I wanted to share with you some tips that will walk you through clearing out the mental clutter when it comes to making those big choices.  Leadership decision making may be a little bit messy, uncomfortable, and certainly not black and white, but learning these tips can make the process much more empowering.  

1. Get clear on your vision and values.  

Your vision and your values determine the direction of your life and business.  Your vision is “What do you want?” and your values describe “Why do you want it?”  When you’re facing with a decision, it helps to go back to basics to remind ourselves these vital planning questions.  Sometimes it’s hard to make those big decisions because we’ve forgotten our vision and values, or they have shifted and evolved over time.  Once we’re clear on the big picture of where you’re going, we have a target that can help us make decisions to help us get there.  

Remember: Your direction can help filter your decisions.  

2. Reveal the real reason for your resistance.  

Big decisions often requires us to change, and change can be a scary thing.  If you’re facing a bit of resistance, I would encourage you to lean in to figure out what the real reason is behind it.  Fear could be the culprit.  You want to choose to leave your day job to pursue your business full-time, but fear is telling you to play it safe and secure.  Or, you no longer want to offer in-person workshops but feel some resistance because you don’t want to let your clients down.  Sometimes we know in our gut what decision needs to be made but something is holding us back.  When we can name exactly what that is, we can shine a light on it and allow yourself the freedom to move forward.     

3. Alignment > Agreement.  

If you’re still feeling stuck, you can reach out to a trusted friend, coach, or mentor for their input.  These people can help you process through your decision and help you see things from a clear point of view, with your best interests in mind.  

Once you’ve made the decision for yourself, it’s time to take action, and let people know.  If there’s a team member, client, or colleague that your decision affects, then it’s your responsibility to communicate it.  If that’s the case, remind people of your overall vision and how this decision aligns to it.  Other people may not agree with your choice, but they can at least respect it.  

The next time you’re faced with a big (or small) decision, remember that you always have a choice to make the best one, given all of the information you know.  The more you make decisions according to what you value, the more confident you become as a leader.  

Let me know in the comments below, which tip did you find the most helpful?

With joy,