[Featured] How has accountability partners positively impacted your business?

I remember the blank stares and the confused looks whenever I would tell my real-life friends about my new coaching endeavors. I would talk about my mentoring sessions with clients, creating email opt-ins, or narrowing my offerings...my real-life friends would try to understand but didn't really have the context of what coaching and entrepreneurship required so we would just end up talking about the latest episode of Modern Family, or who should host the next game night.


And that's okay. It wasn't until I met other like-minded women entrepreneurs who had similar work did I find the importance of having support and accountability from a business bestie. So I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the IMPORTANCE of accountability for your business, and these thoughts were featured in Relevant Entrepreneur.

"Being a ‘one-woman show’ in business is hard! It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing the lies that I have to do it all (fear of being enough), I have to do it like her (comparison), or I have to do it perfectly (perfectionism). The BIGGEST impact of having a business bestie is having someone to speak truth into my life to keep me accountable to sticking to my vision and values AND get things done! God never meant for us to do life (and business) alone!” - Shi Chen


Check out the rest of the article (and encouraging words of some AMAZING role models in the industry including Jasmine Star and Lara Casey), and be sure to follow along with Relevant Entrepreneur. If you're in a need of a business bestie, then they'll hook you up!

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