How to Build Business Connections Using Facebook

As a service-based business owner, COMMUNITY is typically a core value.  I believe that the *best* way to build a business is to build relationships based on mutual value and trust.  

To me, community is a space with people who you can show up and serve others in the best way you know how.  It’s also a place where you can receive the help and support you need, and feel safe to be yourself.  

This may be a little tricky to navigate in the online space because of the fast-paced, “edited” and “filtered” nature of social media.  Keep in mind that it’s a SOCIAL platform, so as long as we’re remembering to be human and be respectful, we can leverage these tools to spread our business’ message far and wide and make it feel personalized.  

That’s why social media platforms like Facebook are great to connect with your audience, and build a community of people who know, like, and trust you to want to work together.  

In this week’s letter, we’ll explore a few ways to build relationships (and your business) using Facebook and Facebook groups.  

1. Start by giving value.

One way to build relationships on Facebook is to lead with value.  If you’re an entrepreneur, this means creating content to show your work and make a connection.  

When the intention is to educate, entertain, or spark an interesting conversation, you’re adding VALUE to other people’s lives AND positioning yourself as an expert they can relate to.  

For example, as a business coach, I like to share tips on ways you can boost your productivity or get more clients, as well as ask questions to better understand my audience and get to know them.  If you’re a virtual assistant, this could mean sharing your favorite online tools and how you use them, or behind the scenes of how you help automate systems.  

2. Make an offer and invite people to work with you.  

The key to selling your services online (and using a platform like Facebook) is making sure you’re being relevant to the people you’re selling to, and actually making the ask to invite them to work with you.  

An effective way to do this is to have a clear call-to-action of the next step you want people to take.  Have a question about your audience’s preferences?  Ask them!  Want them to book a call for a sales conversation?  Tell them how!  

Remember: your audience’s News Feed is full of information and ads, so the more direct you can be about the intention of your post, the better odds you have for a response, engagement, and connection!  

3. Set boundaries with your “screen time.”

With any healthy relationship (yes, even online e-lationships), you need to have healthy boundaries.  My motto is: if you don’t do it in person, don’t do it online.  

So if you don’t spend ALL of your time with one person, you don’t need to spend ALL of your time on Facebook.  Set aside specific time(s) in your day to add value and engage.  

A tool I use is the Facebook Eradicator extension for my Chrome extension so I’m focused on my groups, rather than scrolling through my News Feed.  

An added benefit to this is that I don’t get distracted as much, or caught up in comparison-itis that social media tends to cause.  

4. Use facebook to lead people to join your email list.  

The strategy behind my Facebook group is to build connections with my audience, and ultimately lead people to my email list.  Facebook is constantly changing, so having people on my email list to continue to nurture, and turn into clients has been an effective way to be able to have real-time conversations AND long-term relationships.  

From running challenges, leading giveaways, teaching masterclasses, and writing content, having a place to gather my people as it grows allows me to be intentional in depth of interaction I can have with people online.  

These are some of my favorite tips to help me translate relationship building skills into the online arena.  If you’d like to connect with fellow women entrepreneurs, join us over in the Authentic Brand Leaders Facebook group, and tell me your favorite way to connect with people online.  


With joy,