How to choose the RIGHT goals to work on

Dear leader who’s a goal-getter,

Ever wonder if what you’re working on is actually bringing you closer to your goals?  The biggest challenge when it comes to goal-setting is choosing the RIGHT goals to work on.  As an entrepreneur, there are a million things you want to (or need to) work on, so it’s important to know where to focus your precious time, energy, and resources to make the biggest difference in your business.  When you choose to work on one aspect of your business at a time (meaning intentionally changing or growing it), you give yourself the permission and space to get it up and running WELL.  You’ll know what to say YES to, and what to say NO (or not now) to.  When you work on one aspect at a time, you get to be intentional with what you’re creating.  

There are five pillars of your business that when it’s all working together can become a well-oiled machine.  When you get familiar with the different “departments” of your business, you’ll get a better sense of what’s working and what’s not working so you can make the appropriate changes. 

Here are the 5 pillars of your business:       

  1. Visibility
    Visibility is the marketing of your business, and sharing your brand message to engage and build relationships with influencers, peers, and prospects.  This is super important because the reality is, if you no one knows who you are and what you do, it’ll be pretty hard to get clients.  Visibility can be through content marketing through social media, blogging, and videos, speaking engagements, networking events, collaborations and joint ventures, guest blogging, podcasting, and which ever medium and method you prefer to provide value to your community.  

    Do you have a clear and compelling brand message that you’re sharing on a regular basis?  
    Are you building relationships with influencers, peers, and prospects in a way that you enjoy?  

  2. Sales
    These are the actions you take to convert people who are interested in what you offer, into people who say “heck, yes!” to buying it.  Sales activities can range from offering free assessments, having a discovery call, hosting a webinar with a call-to-action at the end, asking for referrals, and following up with leads.  

    Do you have a sales process in place so you know how you’re converting leads into clients?  Are you making consistent sales?  

  3. Product Development/Creating Offers + Signature Services  
    Your products and services are how you work with your clients and it takes time and intentionality to create valuable products and services that contribute to your client’s transformation.  In this pillar, projects can include: market research, pre-validating and pre-selling your offers, pricing and packaging your offers, and actually creating the materials needed to work together.  

    Do you have a signature service that helps solve your client’s most pressing problem?  
    Do you have a product suite at different price points to help along your client’s journey?  

  4. Systems and Processes
    There are probably a lot of aspects in your business there have a step-by-step process and are repeatable.  For example, you have a process to onboard new clients, or a system of creating content to share on social media.  These can be documented (I just do it in a Google doc), and simplified with different tech tools and systems.  I like to keep things simple!  

    Are your back-end systems simple and organized?  Do they help with efficiency?  
    Do you have your processes written down so they are repeatable?  

  5. People/Team Development/Culture
    Once your workload starts to increase and you can sense the need to getting help, you can consider growing your team.  As your business grows, it’s important to focus on finding the right people you can trust to help expand your vision and support you along the way.  This is where knowing your vision and values, area of need, and creating ways to effectively communicate with your team will come in handy.  

    Do you need to outsource or hire team members to help you grow your business?  
    What are your company’s core values so you can create a cohesive culture?
    Do you have a way to communicate effectively with your team members?  

How to choose the right goals:

On a scale from 1-5, (1-nonexistent, 5-well-oiled machine) how would you rate your business in each category?  

Then, if you were to focus on ONE category to improve over the next 90 days, which one would make the BIGGEST impact?  

*This is where you can focus your efforts*  

Finally, brainstorm and select the projects, habits, and actions you’ll want to execute to help bring you closer to your goals.  This becomes the strategy to help you reach your goals.  

Ask yourself:
Given my resources, what projects will help me with my goals?  
What habits do I need to create to contribute to my success?  
How can I hold myself accountable to achieving these goals?  
(Who can I reach out to for help?  How will I reward myself?  Why do I want to do this?)  

There you have it!  When you know where to focus a MAJORITY of your efforts, you can have the freedom to work on what matters in the moment.  Don't forget to write your goals down in a visible place and consistently review them!  

I’d love to hear your go-to tips for setting and getting goals!  If you’d like personalized support and accountability with your business goals, you can book a discovery call to see if working together is right for you.  

With joy,