[Stewardship Series: Maximize Your Resources as a Christian Entrepreneur]

Welcome to our Stewardship Series: Maximizing Your Time, Talent, and Resources!  

This week, we're diving in to talk about making the most of your RESOURCES, which is all about leveraging your money, relationships, and resources.

What's your money story?

Jenna Shriver and I have some real talk about our relationship with money growing up, how it impacted us as business owners, and how we price our services for getting started and growth.

During our conversation, we chatted about: 

  • how Jenna grew up on a dairy farm when her parents worked all day for little money, and how Shi grew up as a first generation Chinese kid whose parents worked various jobs, and saved everything for the future. 
  • the truth that's not talked about enough: God doesn't want your money, He wants your heart 
  • strategies for being resourceful when you're first starting out 
  • the dangers of "pricing what you're worth" and what we believe instead 

Let me know what resonated most with you!  How are you going to maximize your resources to grow what you've got?

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