Get Visible Through Video

Dear Shi, 
        I know that videos have the power to quickly establish trust, be authentic, and go viral, but I’m terrified of going on video.  What can I do to get over myself so I can be seen by people through video?  


Dear Melissa, 
         Videos are a powerful way to allow your audience to “see” you in a much more authentic and engaging way. 

But know that you DON’T have to use video for your marketing, if it if it doesn’t benefit you AND your audience. 

So lean into the fear to decipher if it’s a feeling of fear where you KNOW you have to do it, but kind of terrified because it’s NEW, or if it’s because it doesn’t align with your values and you’re just doing it because everyone else is.  If it’s the first, embrace your fears, and let’s learn how to make awesome videos, and if it’s the second, then channel your energy into a marketing medium that’s more effective for you.  

The types of videos: 

Recorded: polished + professional
Live: Real, raw, behind the scenes
Length of time: Short or long
Educational: Webinars, Masterclasses, Interviews

Your pick: Which one do you want to start with?  
With anything new, I recommended starting what you know as you learn something new so you’re not too overwhelmed.  What I mean is: talk about what you KNOW as you learn the new stuff like the technology side.  Keep it simple. 

Here are some prompts so you can show up with what you know as you grow your confidence on video:

  • Sharing the “why” behind your business and “why” you love what you do, and how you help others 
  • Teaching a short lesson to educate your prospect about one aspect of your service 
  • Sharing a behind the scenes look of your business, or your product
  • Sharing a behind the scenes look of your process 
  • Talking about what makes your different than the competition 
  • A tutorial that answers a FAQ your client usually has 
  • An answer to a question to an FAQ 

Zoom: for video conferencing, and recordings (great for interviews and Masterclasses) 
Facebook Live on your iPhone or Android device
QuickTime for screen casts (tutorials)

The key is, to practice, practice practice and seeing what works and doesn’t work.  But do it and get it out there because we want to see you! 

Your challenge: 
1. pick a topic that you’re already comfortable with
2. pick the type of video you’d like to make
3. record it & share it!  (You can come over to the Authentic Brand Leaders Facebook community and do it!)

Are you up for the challenge?  Tell me in the comments what and when you’re going to create a video!

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With Joy,