3 Tips to Leading a Diverse Team

Last week, I had the pleasure of being featured as a guest expert on leadership in Kayla Brissi's Strategy For Success Mastermind.  When we had a live Q&A session, one question seemed to pop up multiple times.  Whether you're leading a team at work, supervising a project, or mentoring a down line in your multi-level marketing company, you're bound to how to deal with people who are WAY different than you.  So, how do you manage a team of diverse personalities, communication styles, and needs while staying true to your own leadership style?  In today's blog post, I share some insights on how to blend consistency with individuality to be the kind of leader that really resonates with the people you're serving.  

In today's video, we chat about:

  • how you don't have to change who you are as a leader to appeal to different people.  You just need to stay true to who are you while changing up how you communicate and how you express appreciation
  • a few ways you can say the same message but deliver it in different ways
  • using a resource like Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages to express appreciation in the workplace and encourage people in a way that supports them 

Which tip did you resonate the most with?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

Remember: stay true to you, and lead from the heart! 

With joy,

Letters For Leaders

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