[Video] Do I need certification to become a coach?

If you're interested in becoming a coach (and becoming an even BETTER coach), chances are this question has popped into your mind:

Do I need certification to be a coach?

And of course, the short answer to that question is, "Well, it depends."

On your vision goals.  On your current state of "coach-ness".  On your commitment level and ability to invest the $$, time, and energy. 

Do I Need Certication to Be a Coach?

So I thought I would break down the most important factors to consider when you're making such a big decision.  Because as a coach myself, my role is to empower you to make the best decision depending on your desires, goals, and needs. 

In this video, "Do I need certification to be a coach?", I cover:

  • An even BETTER question to ask to get to the heart of what matters
  • My experience as a certified life and business from Erickson Intl and what it really means to earn that certification
  • Most common goals/routes coaches take if they'd like to incorporate coaching into their career
  • Factors to consider to make the best decision for you

Here's the video, enjoy! 

I'd love to hear where you are in your coach journey, and whether or not certification is the next right step for you in the comments below.

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With joy,