Journey to Being Your Best Boss: Part 3

Being the boss is quite the responsibility. 
Maybe you're still carrying around some leadership baggage working for a terrible boss, and vowed never to be like her. 
Maybe you've been on your own for a while and feeling the call to pour into others what you've been given, and what you've learned. 
Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, know that the journey to being your best boss is one full of lessons about leadership + business + faith.  So this series is dedicated to share my own stories, strategies, and wisdom nuggets to inspire you to honor where you are, and propel you towards where you'd like to be. 

To catch up on this series, check out Part 1 and Part 2.  Otherwise, here's part 3 (Days 11-15): 

#beyourbestbossjourney part 3


Day 11 of the #beyourbestbossjourney: Business Investments is Stewarding $$
Being Your Best Boss means you’re responsible for the finances and cash flow of your business. Money is a vehicle that can help you carry out your vision, and your investments can indicate what you value.  It’s important to keep track of your income and expenses, and can be done simply in an excel spreadsheet or app like Wave or Quickbooks.  In the beginning, I focused on being scrappy with tools and resources, but slowly invested in my own professional growth with coach training, then a business course, then working 1-on-1 with a coach.  That’s because I valued my education and knew these investments would help grow my competency and help better serve my clients in the long run.

By learning what was important to me, tracking my income/expenses, and setting realistic financial goals to work towards helped me be accountable to how I spend my business $$ and be a better steward of these resources.

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Day 12 of the #beyourbestbossjourney: Lean into your LEADERSHIP.
Being your Best Boss means seeing yourself as a leader and being intentional about making a positive impact.  I’ve noticed so many women, helping professionals, and even entrepreneurs dismiss the fact that they are leaders because they don’t like to bark orders at people, or be overbearing in their authority.  Leaning into leadership is defining what leadership means to you, your style, and how you want to show up and serve.  Yes -- it can mean empowering others to make choices.  Yes -- it can look like creating a community where people feel comfortable to share and work together.  Yes -- it can look like being a rock-star strategist and getting things done.  

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Day 13 of the #beyourbestbossjourney: Show up and SERVE. 
Being Your Best Boss means “It’s NOT about you.”  The sooner I took the focus off of myself, and on to serving my tribe of prospects, peers, and clients, the better aligned I felt and the better results I got.  My entrepreneurial journey was really learning how to be GENEROUS: of my time, my coaching skills, and my expertise in leadership.  The tricky part is learning to have NO EXPECTATIONS in return so I wasn’t thinking about making transactions, but instead, focused on making relationships (that ultimately lead to money in the bank).  

To give an example, being generous meant doing over 100 hours of free coaching calls and writing and creating resources on my blog.   This was a great way for me to grow my competence as a coach, build trust, and SERVE.  I learned not to attach myself to whether or not they became a paying client (which thankfully -- most of them did), but instead count my blessings and be grateful for each and every opportunity I had to be able to make a difference in someone’s life.  

Day 14 of #beyourbestbossjourney: VISIBILITY is vital to your business. 
Being Your Best Boss means getting VISIBLE in front of the right people so you can be a better leader in your business and your industry.  Think about it: would you rather work for a company that no one knows about, cares about, or trusts to deliver their services OR work for a company that that is established in their values and reputation of doing great work?  VISIBILITY can be the difference between lurking in the shadows and showing up to serve.  VISIBILITY can be the difference between no enough leads and being booked solid.  The fun part is -- you get to choose the methods of getting visible.  These could include: collaborations, leading a group,  guest features, podcasts, advertising, etc.  My favorites are teaching guest expert Masterclasses, collaborations, and doing leading my Facebook group, Authentic Brand Leaders.

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Day 15 of #beyourbestbossjourney: Your entrepreneurial journey is an expression of your faith journey. 
Being Your Best Boss means believing in something bigger than yourself, and learning to embrace your fears as you grow your faith.  When you leap into the unknown, you’re bound to face doubts, insecurities, and a little bit of insanity.  Becoming a business owner is teaching me SO MUCH how to be a better believer -- how to trust in God’s promises, while stewarding the gifts, time, and treasure he’s given for at the moment, and that growth looks differently in each season.  Also, as an entrepreneur, you have to BELIEVE in yourself as well before other people can believe in you, too.

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What has your #beyourbestbossjourney been like?  What are you learning about leadership, business, and faith as you become the best version of yourself?  If you'd like the guidance and accountability of a coach on your entrepreneurial journey, check out my 3-month mentorship: "Be Your Best Boss." 

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With joy,

Shi Chen